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Morrow Road: Concluded

Jennifer Brown, MI, USA
February 2004

My family has a horse in Marine City, less than two miles from where the "Morrow Road Hauntings" have been stated to happen. My parents grew up riding their horses up and down that road, and many others.

Recently, my mother and I took a ride to the area, and noticed that the road is now paved and the bridge that was there is gone. We parked down the street a ways, put on our gloves, zipped out coats and began our walk through the snow.

After crossing the ditch where the bridge used to be, my chest began to tighten and my heart began to race. I should also mention that I had not been to the exact spot before, but since I had recently discovered that I am a psychic medium, my mother and I decided to venture to the 'site'.

After we crossed the ditch, we noticed that on both sides of us were newer houses, but nothing but trees lay ahead. My mother pointed ahead to where the trees were and said, "The story says that the land here has never sold because every time someone would try to build on it, too many things would go wrong and eventually people gave up."

Although it was almost midnight, the snow seemed to illuminate the ground fairly well, so we began our walk down a path and through the woods. I knew we were in the right area, and getting closer to where the house used to stand because I could feel a "tingling sensation" throughout my body--which is typical for me when I communicate with spiritual entities. We walked for a few moments, until my mother decided that she was too cold to go on. So, we turned around and headed back toward the road.

About ten feet from where the bridge used to be, I lunged forward, startled. My mother jumped around to look at me and had a nervous look on her face. "What?!" she said, anxiously. I was hesitant to tell her why I bolted towards her, but new that she was not going to believe me if I tried to brush my sudden movements off. "Um, someone just tugged on the back of my hair." That was it... she was off and running. She hurdled herself as quickly as she could over the mound of snow that was piled up from the plow and jumped onto the pavement. "Wait a minute!" I said, as I stepped next to her and turned back around to look at the land. "Just give me one minute." I could feel a "presence" very strongly at that point, but by the expression on my mom's face I knew she wouldn't want to stand near the area. The look on her face was priceless as she shook her head in objection and headed for her vehicle. "No way, Jennifer. Get me to the van!" I laughed, and followed her to the van but stopped just as I opened the door...because I saw someone. At the spot where the bridge used to be, I saw a woman with blonde hair, in a dirty white nightgown.

Her arms were outstretched, and she was sobbing and screaming. She looked at me from across the road and I heard her ask me to stay. Then I noticed that the ends of her hair had been wet and were frozen. I stood still momentarily, while I listened to her as she began to inform me of what happened.

According to what I saw and felt, this woman was home and went outside looking for her two children in the middle of winter. When she found them, they were frozen in the pond, and she spent the evening trying to get them out--although they were already dead. I could then see that the little girl looked like her mother, blonde hair, freckles and blue eyes, and the little boy had his father's dark hair, but he too, had freckles.

Now, this information was given to me very quickly, and when my mother stressed to me that she wanted to leave, I nodded to the woman in the nightgown and got into the vehicle. After we began to drive back to the stables, I told my mother what I was given. Until that night, I hadn't really heard of one particular "story" of the hauntings, but many that blended together. My mother then told me what she knew of the follows.

"The father was away somewhere and the mother heard the dog barking frantically outside, so she went out to see what was wrong. She found her two kids in the pond, maybe they had drowned, and she froze to death that night. Later, when the dad came home and found them all dead, he stayed outside and froze." That's how she told it to me, and as she spoke the information that I had been "given" made more sense.

The woman also spoke to me while my mother and I were driving, and asked for me to "set the record straight", so that she could move on. And I'll be honest when I say that I'm not sure exactly what she meant by that or how she'd like me to do it. I intend to do some investigating into the Marine City records, and see how much of the information that I was given is accurate. I, personally, would like to see a picture of the family if possible, just to verify the accuracy for myself. As for my mother, well, she agreed that she'd like to go back at another time (when the weather is warmer) and with more people. :-)

Jennifer B.

Jennifer Brown, MI, USA
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