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Morrow Road Hauntings

April 2005

After reading another Morrow Road story I decided to share mine...

Morrow Road to some is just another road in Clay Township, Michigan. But to others it's a road where many have experienced things so terrifying and unexplainable, the events have left them deeply scarred. Including myself.

The restless spirit of a young woman is haunting the road in search of her long-lost baby. She wears a torn white gown with streaks of blood on it. She died in the 1890s while searching for her baby during a fierce snow storm. They both died from exposure that night. But their spirits remain on the road to this day... Ever since that night dozens of eye witness accounts reported a pulsating green orb, screaming in the woods, the baby crying, and the woman appearing on the old bridge. And some have also been said to be victims of the woman.

One night in 1989 we drove out to Morrow Road, parked on the little bridge, and honked the horn three times. We started hearing this horrific screaming coming from the woods. Then the sound of a baby crying. I was scared and insisted we should leave. My friends were laughing and yelling for the ghost to "show herself". Thats when we saw the light. A bright green, pulsating orb lit up in the woods and floated onto the road side. It died out as it was making it's way towards the car. Like a flare blowing out.

Out of nowhere she came running out of the woods. She was translucent and had no eyes. The fear was overwhelming since I had never experienced anything like this before. Scared silly, we started the car and she ran right up to the driver's side window and pounded on it. We floored it and to our horror she was chasing us. We turned onto Genaw Road, looked back and she was gone. According to folklore, if you go back a second time after disturbing the woman the same night, something bad will happen to you. Maybe even death. I know this to be a fact. Many people from the area have had experiences just like mine. Some worse. I heard of an incident where their car broke down while fleeing from the ghost and the woman came inside the car. I wont tell you what happened it will give you nightmares.

Half of Morrow Road is now paved, and the little bridge was torn down. They are even building houses on it. I heard they are making a movie based on the events. I look forward to seeing it.


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