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Most Interesting Game

"Buddha", MI, USA
June 2001

Hi all! First let me tell you that I live in a wooded area near Taylor, Michigan (Cities name is New Boston for anyone who lives around here), and I play a game called airsoft, when two teams take real-looking electronic weapons filled with little 6mm glow-in-the-dark bb's and shoot them at each other. Fun? You bet!

Well one day we were having an airsoft game near a swamp which has a few cinder blocks on the ground in the shape of a square (House foundation perhaps?), and I was playing the role of sniper, I found great cover in some bushes oh high-ground that perfectly overlooked a small dry trail that ran through the swamp which I knew the enemy would be taking.

After about one hour, I got a call in that I should expect two enemy soldiers running East. So I got ready my weapon and sat there, waiting.

Ten minutes went by, then fifteen, no-one. I asked the soldiers in my area to see if they could get a visual confirmation. The radio went staticy for about a minute, then came back online and a soldier 1Km West of me that he just caught a glimpse of two people jogging to my position. I drew my weapon up to my shoulder again and started looking West along the path, when I saw two people walking side-by-side, a man and a woman, in just plain Jeans and the man had a long- sleeved Flannel Shirt and the girl was wearing a long-sleeved collared shirt.

They had no masks on or flags signaling which team they were on so, by procedure I unloaded my weapon and keyed by radio saying that two civs (civilians) were near my position, and to cease fire within a 200m radius. I then took off my mask, stood up and yelled HEY! They continued walking. "HEY! Your walking in the wrong direction! Go the other way! There is a game going on over there!" they didn't even notice. By this point I was getting frustrated and confused. I drew my sidearm and fired a shot into the ground (It's about as loud as a real pistol so they definitely would have jumped). They didn't even look, then the man stopped and started moving his mouth to the woman, I couldn't make out a dang thing they were saying, but I finally thought I should get their attention so I took out a flash bang from my backpack (For those of you who don't know, It is a device that emits a bright flash of light and a thundering noise louder than any gun, I make mine using magnesium and a few other items). I lit the fuse and hurled it, it was less than 25m from them when it went off... they didn't do ANYTHING. I then threw my rifle on the ground and began jogging towards them, but as I neared closer I began to feel angrier, and they seemed to fade. And when I was about 10m away, they weren't there anymore and the anger passed.

I was EXTREMELY confused and afraid and keyed my microphone saying that I just saw something pretty messed up and to have all members of my battalion to come and see me immediately. When they all arrived they asked me what happened to the civs, I told them that they weren't civs and I'm not sure what the hell they were. Ever since then I have only gone into the swamps one more time, and I followed the trail all the way to the building foundation.

Perhaps they are related to the building foundation?

"Buddha", MI, USA
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