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Most of My Life

Chris, Louisiana, USA
November 2004

What I'm about to tell you are various things that have happened to me ever since I was a kid.

When I was about 6 years old my mother married my stepfather. He bought us this old run down trailer house that was mint green and white. I grew up in this trailer house. When we first moved in I always had an eerie feeling about the place. My room was on the North end and my parents on the South end. So in other words I was all by my lonesome down there on the other end and things got creepy at night, especially being only six years old. I can remember my first experience like it was yesterday.

I remember my mom waking me up for school and putting my little stool in front of the sink so I could reach it to brush my teeth. As I was brushing my teeth I saw something walk by the bathroom door into my room. I thought it was my mom because she would lay my clothes out for me to put on. A few minutes later my mom did actually walk by. I thought to myself "Mom never came out, so who walked in a while ago?" I asked her if she came in earlier and she said no. My mom went back to her bathroom (on the other end of the trailer) to finish getting ready for work. She had just started working at a Hospital for mental children. This has significance later on. Any way after my mom left I heard my closet door slide shut I stopped what I was doing and as soon as I looked left out into the hallway a brown dust cloud rushed out of my room down the hall. I couldn't run to my mother because then I would have to go the same direction the cloud went. And I sure wasn't going in my room because that's were it came from so I screamed as loud as I could until my mom came. She didn't believe a word I said and I got in trouble for scaring her. SCARING HER? Anyway I got dressed with the clothes she laid out for me and when I went into the living room I got in trouble again because my mom said that wasn't what she wanted me to wear. I told her that was what she laid out and I got in trouble AGAIN because she thought I was lying.

These kinds of things continued to happen until one night I heard footsteps walking down the hall. They got closer and stopped at my door. Then my glowworm nite lite went out. It got really cold in my room and I remember it being hard to breathe. I pulled the covers over my head waiting for something to happen. I felt someone sit on the bed beside me. They stayed there for about 10 minutes and then I heard the footsteps leave. This happened very often. Finally I got tired of it and decided that when it came back I was going to see who was coming in my room. When it came as it usually did I pretended to be asleep. I felt it sit on my bed, and this time I felt warm hands stroke my hair and ears, then moving across my cheek. I knew at this moment whatever it was wasn't there to hurt me. When I opened my eyes no one was there. I told my step dad about this and he told me that it was him coming in there at night. Which he did because he worked graveyard shift as a machinist at a local factory. But he didn't come in my room EVERY night and when he did come home I knew it because he parked his truck in front of my window and I could see his lights.

After some time I started seeing other things in my room after dark while I was in bed. As I got a little older I upgraded my nite lite to Bart Simpson and moved it to the Bathroom out of my room. This gave a dim reflection right in my doorway. I woke up one night and saw a strange figure standing in the doorway just looking at me. It started moving closer toward me but it didn't move like my friendly ghost, it moved rapidly and for every one step we would normally make it made three. I knew this one was evil, it wasn't able to touch me but it would always rush at my face and try to scare me. Sometimes it would act like it was throwing something at me. These mean spirits started to appear more. I can remember waking up in the middle of the night and seeing 3 different shadows at one time. I started to wonder if my good ghost was double-crossing me, tricking me into not being afraid of it and then haunting me almost every night, until one night when the shadows appeared they were bouncing from one wall to another scratching on my window and opening my closet. I heard the footsteps come down the hall, I was so scared at this point I thought it might have been my mom coming because I couldn't remember if I had been screaming or not. It was my friend. It had come to help me. The evil spirits disappeared and I felt it sit on my bed and kind of wipe the tears from my cheeks.

I never saw any of them again until later on in my life. I thought about it all the time when I was growing up and came to this conclusion. I can remember my mom coming home many times crying about some of the handicapped kids that passed away. I think she may have brought their spirits home with her.

When I was 14 my Stepfather built us a two-story house and moved the trailer out to the lake for a camp house. When I turned 17 I joined the Navy and right before I left my mom had a big garage sale with all my stuff. So all my things were pretty much stowed about my room. I had a strange dream one night. I was sleeping in my old bedroom in the trailer and I woke up to this young woman (very attractive) ironing some clothes next to my bed. I sat up and looked at her but she didn't see me. I looked out the window and it was storming really badly. She had on some clothes that were dated like they were back in the mid to late 80s. I was going to ask her who she was and what was she doing in my room when the roof ripped completely off and sucked her right out. The last thing I saw was the iron fall on the floor and burn an imprint into the carpet all the way down to the plywood underneath, then I woke up.

The very next morning as I was heading down to drink coffee with my parents I noticed this little outfit that was mine from when I was a kid laying on my couch in my room. It was laid out perfect like my mom used to. I didn't think anything of it until after my first cup and it hit me. It was the same outfit I had gotten in trouble for that same day when I was 6.

My mystery friendly ghost was revealed last summer. I took 30 days of leave (I'm in the Navy now) and went back home to help my stepfather do some remodeling on the camp. Working in there brought back all of those memories and the weird dream. So I asked him were he bought the trailer to begin with. He had bought the trailer in Houston Texas from a storm damage place and got a good deal on it he said. He also told me that when they were fixing my room there was a huge iron print on the plywood so they had to replace the carpet. When he told me this it sent chills down my spine and I ripped the carpet up in my old room because I didn't believe him. Sure enough there it was. Now?..I'm a pretty brave man and not scared of many things anymore and haven't cried since I was like 12 or thirteen. But I shed my first tear in a long time that day. She protected me all those years. If whoever reads this and has had a daughter, sister, friend, that died tragically in the Houston area during a major storm sometime around the mid to late 80s PLEASE contact me.

My next story starts out when I was in High School. I was a Senior at the time and had many many friends. But I had one person that I always kept closest to me. His name was Jeffrey and he was the biggest guy in school. But the heart of a gentle giant. He was always the person I chose to run behind on the football team that played on the front line because he would get just about anybody out of my way and was always there when I needed him. We were unstoppable together on the field. He would always give me advice when my girlfriend was treating me bad or if I had problems at home. He was only a Sophomore but he was my best bro. We have this thing back home called the Pecan Festival and it starts every year the day before squirrel season opens up so everybody goes out to the festival and parties, then gets up and goes hunting. Jeffrey and me had made plans to go bright and early and agreed he would come pick me up. He never showed up. Well around 9 am I called his house and his mom said he had gone hunting. So I figured he screwed me over and dipped out on me as a prank. So of course I was mad at him. Well about 10 that night my girlfriend called and told me that Jeffrey had passed away in a car accident not too far from my house. He had flipped his truck on a dirt road and broke his neck killing him instantly. I was mad at myself for being mad at him. He had died on his way to get me. I should have just driven and picked him up maybe it wouldn't have happened. But I wanted to sleep in. I blamed myself for his death. I was also mad at God for not giving me the chance to say goodbye to him. So that night I laid in my bed and prayed for about two hours asking why. All of a sudden my hearing went numb and I couldn't move. My body was frozen like someone had pushed a pause button on the VCR. I heard Jeffrey's voice just as plain as day at the foot of my bed "It's alrite bubba I'll always be around, now stop beatn yourself up over this and get some damn sleep" It was quite humorous to me because that's how he was in any situation. After that I felt a huge warmth start from my toes and work its way up to my heart. I knew Jeffrey had visited me to ease my pain, and god answered my prayers and let me say goodbye to him. RIP Big 6 9.

My next story Takes place when I was around 19. I had just got to my first duty station and hadn't been there too long. I was living in the barracks and I had just a few friends there. One of them was Sue and her Boyfriend Jeremy. Jeremy would always tell me his room was haunted because a woman hung herself in the closet and I didn't believe him. Sue was always coming down to my room late in her pyjamas to ask me last minute questions about work or to just hang out because Jeremy was being mean to her. One night about 11 I heard a knock on my door. I looked through the peephole and no one was there so I opened it to see who just knocked and ran. I looked down the hall and saw the back of a blonde headed girl walking down to J's room, I thought it was Sue so I called out to her, she didn't turn around until she got to J's door. She turned back to look at me and what I saw has to be the most horrible thing I'd ever seen.

This girls face was a light grayish color slightly sunken in and her eyes were extremely blood shot. She knew I had seen her because of my reaction. She just kind of gave me this smart-alecky smirk and walked right into J's room. This freaked me out. I ran down the hall and barged in. J was asleep and told me nobody was in his room not even Sue. After having a little conversation about I told you so's from my friend I headed back down to my room. I've seen this girl again and thought to my self "oh hell no". She turned around and smiled at me but this time her face was normal. It was like her telling me "Yeah it did happen, and I do dwell in your friend's room".

My next story goes back to Jeffrey. I was home on leave hanging out with one of my friends. After partying all night I brought up Jeff. And we decided to stop and pay him a visit at the cemetery. We brought the rest of the beer to his headstone and just kind of BSed around about the good ol days until all of our beer was gone. At this time it was about 3 am and we bid Jeff goodbye and started walking towards the truck. On the other side of the Cemetery I saw a strange light. Now I grew up around this place and knew there were no dust n dawn lights back there or any houses around so we decided to check it out.

As we got closer I put together an outline of a young girl on her knees in front of a huge headstone like she was praying. She had a pinkish glow to her and above her head in an oval shape was a bright off white glow pulsating. We watched her for about 20 minutes till she slowly faded away. When we got back to the truck discussing what we had just seen we heard a loud shriek. We jumped in the truck and shagged tail home. When we got there the numbers 69 was written on the hood of the truck in the dew. We knew then Jeffrey had visited us and was pulling our chain with the shriek. Man I miss him.

I haven't had any experiences since that night which was about a year and a half ago. But these are my encounters ever since I was young and they will always be with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my happenings and I hope they have touched you in the same way they touch me every day??..;)

Chris, Louisiana, USA
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