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Mother Watching Over Me

Sonja Krohn, Texas, USA
June 1998

Mother always told me as I was growing up to be sure and get an education or special training so that I could take care and support myself when I was an adult. After high school graduation I went off to college to study something, although at the time I didn't know what. But mother said not to worry I would decide what kind of work I was to do when the right time came. After two years of college I came home tired, confused and still not knowing what direction my life should take. At twenty-two I married and started a family. Mother encouraged me to finish my education as I would need it. My mom passed away a few years later during which time I had decided to return to school and become a teacher.

Going to school, raising children and taking care of husband and home, I spent many nights burning the midnight oil studying after everyone else had gone to bed. Many times I could "feel" mom with me as I studied. Often the light in one room or another would flicker off and on. I just thought it was a faulty switch or wiring and paid it no mind. After this happened several times (always while I was studying late) I began to wonder if it could be my mother's presence causing this. I have always been interested in parapsychology and knew that spirit energy was often manifested in this way. Feeling the stress of school, term papers, trying to run a household, and working part-time I felt that I had come to the end of my endurance. Still I had just one more paper due and had to get it done. Always mindful of my mother's advice, I thought, I hope mom's happy, I'm so tired I can't see straight much less remember what I'm studying. After writing for what seemed all night, I turned out the lights and tumbled into bed, exhausted...... The next morning, my husband was quite angry at me. " When you went to bed last night you left every light in the house on. Even in the bathroom." " Our light bill will be sky high this month. You've done this for the last 3 nights." Now, I admit I was tired but I know I didn't leave any lights on. A few weeks later, I lay down on the couch to grab a quick nap and had very strange dream. My mother was reclining in a chaise lounge chair ( showing that she is "at rest"), with a smile on her face looking down at me and my son getting on a big yellow school bus. It was a bright beautiful summer day, yet, huge fluffy white snowflakes were falling all around us as. I was thinking (in my dream) why are there snowflakes falling from the sky ? There was such a feeling of peace and well-being. Then I found myself awake. To me, these experiences of lights turning on and this dream, show that my mother was watching over me and knew all I was doing. It was her way of encouraging me and sending her blessings. I graduated that summer and then on a bright, beautiful day that fall, My son and I began our first day of school together. Is there life after death? Are spirits allowed to know what is going on on earth? Can we communicate with loved ones that are on the "other side"? I firmly believe the answer is yes, yes, yes.

Sonja Krohn, Texas, USA
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