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Mothers Spirit

Maria, MA, USA
October 2002

My mother recently past away and I have been hurting real bad since it has only been a few days and I have thought that the little things that have happened was in my mind because I don't want to believe that she is really gone.

We were close and right before she died she thanked me for being her daughter and she held on until my brother was five feet from the ICU door. She wanted to make sure that he made it down from New York to be where he needed to be.

The night she died she came and looked in on the cats, I knew she was here because the cats were freaked out and the next morning she touched a sore toe on my foot so that I would wake up to send my son to school, I kept him home because of what had happened, also she guided me in choosing what she wanted on the cards at her wake and what she wanted to ware and she has shown me little things that she liked to let me know she is still with us.

I know who is calling and all she has stopped me from making some stupid mistakes.

I hope that any one who has lost someone special like I did will know that they are with you all the time like I know Mom is with me.

Thanks for reading.

Maria, MA, USA
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