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Mountainside Haunted House

Donald Haynes, Tennessee, USA
June 1999

My mom and I moved into a new house last year for a change of scenery. The first night we stayed there we had no electricity, so we went to bed early. Sometime during the night I woke up from my place in the livingroom floor. Since it was a whole new house I didn't know where I was at first. I looked towards the bedroom where a man had supposedly been killed a few years back by a one time member of my family. As I watched, the bedroom door slowly swung shut and a series of moans came, but it sounded like they were coming from my head and not the bedroom. I had to force myself back to sleep. Over the next four months that we lived there I stayed alone while my mom went to work.

She didn't seem to notice the things that were going on, doors closing, scraping sounds, moans, windows opening and closing. She always blamed it on the wind. A month after we first moved in an eagle figurine flew off the wall, barely missing her head, and broke on the floor. After that things were flying off the walls, dishes falling from cabinets, and doors and windows slamming so hard that they actually cracked. My mom wanted to hold a seance, but I talked her into moving out instead. We haven't been in that house since. Everytime we pass it on our way to a friends house or something, I watch it, I really expect to see a shadow in the window or something fly toward the car.

Donald Haynes, Tennessee, USA
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