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Moving House (1)

Mike, London, UK
November 2004

Hi, my name is Mike and I have recently moved house but our moving wasn’t at all normal, this is what had happened.

My wife and I were fed up of living in a crummy 3 bedroom house and we wanted to move. We had found a nice 4 bedroom house in Kent with an acre of back garden. Anyway the moving truck got to our house and we loaded everything on to it. About an hour later we had finished and drove off to our new house (in Kent).

We got to our house and we started to unload the truck. My wife was down in the basement and the moving people were at the top of the stairs. My wife was telling them were certain boxes went, such as "that box goes down here" and "that one goes into the bedroom" e.t.c.

She called one person and he climbed down the stairs and walked past her, he then put the box on the floor. My wife was doing something else and didn’t pay any attention. The guy put the box down on the floor and turned around and started walking towards the stairs but as he walked past my wife he said in a really scary voice "Leave this place" and carried on walking up the stairs. My wife was so freaked out about what he said she went up the stairs and went to see the directing manager of the moving firm.

My wife told him what had happened and the big boss said to my wife "describe what the man looks like?" so my wife said "he was wearing a cap, and a white top, with a blue overall. The boss looked at my wife and said "sorry dear we have no-one working for us that fits that description" so my wife just said "oh" and then she walked off.

The next 3 years that we lived in that house was really scary. Loads of weird things had occurred like we found puddles of water on the floor by our bedroom and our ornaments kept on moving around the house, just weird things like that. Anyway my wife and I decided to move house so we had found a house in Weybridge that we liked and we bought it.

We started to pack our bags and my wife stopped and walked off. She opened the basement door, walked down to the bottom of the stairs and said "WE ARE LEAVING, WE HAVE PACKED OUR BAGS AND WE ARE MOVING HOUSE". About 3 secs later she smelt a nice breeze of freshly picked Roses.

My wife rang up the estate agents and asked if we could have a look at our new house the women said "yeah sure, the family who live there now will let you in". My wife went round to her house and the old lady answered the door and said hello. My wife opened her mouth and let out a loud scream, she said there was a man hanging from the ceiling all decapitated and blood everywhere. When the old women turned around it was gone.

Thank you for reading this story.

Mike, London, UK
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