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Mr. Charlie

March 2005

I have had several experiences with some sort of spirit in my home. It has become so frequent that we have named him Mr.Charlie, I don't know why but that name just stuck into my mind after seeing the man for the first time. Our home is rumored to have been built over an Indian burial ground.

Well about two years ago it all started. The first set of events were minor things like canned food falling off the back pantry shelf. One night I was sitting on the sofa with my dog watching television. I had heard something fall, so I got up to walk through the house thinking I was just spooking myself. Well about five minutes after I set down my dog jumped up and turned toward my kitchen, his hair raised and he was whining and growling at something. I told him to be quiet and that nothing was there. I had a baby gate at the end of the hallway to block off the back room (for when my nephew was visiting) well I heard it fall so again I got up to check it out. Nothing in sight so I proceded to sit down and saw the kitchen chair skid and it suddenly got freezing cold. I sensed that someone was staring at me and the whole time my dog is still whining. It scared me enough that I jumped up and grabbed my keys, runnning for the door. Well about three months later my sister and her husband and child moved in with me. I let them have the back bedroom, warning them that the back closet door has opened and shut by itself on a regular basis. They laughed at me and though I was just trying to scare them. Well not long after that they started to see what I was talking about.

If you were in the living room at night you would hear canned food fall off onto the floor, hear footsteps, and while sleeping sometimes it would feel like someone sat down on the bed just staring at you.

Recently my nephew, who is two, has been talking to someone and when you ask him he just says "that big man right there" so my sister blew it off and thought I told him to say it! Then last week I was home alone and decided to get a shower, while in there if felt like someone had shoved me in the shoulder. I am used to these experiences by now and just said "Mr.Charlie stop it" I got out of the shower and went into the kitchen only to hear the rocking chair moving back and forth. Thinking my sister was home I called to her when I received no answer I went into the living room to see the chair swaying back and forth. That really spooked me so I called someone to come over.

Last night we were all sitting and watching a movie when my nephew had to use the bathroom, he went in there and about two minutes later came out screaming and crying. We asked him what was wrong and he said "the big man keeps turning out the light, he is bad mommy" so we was going to check it out but anytime we would go near the bathroom he would scream and cry that the man was there and make him leave, he ended up crying himself to sleep.

I went in the bathroom to turn the light on again and I shut the shower curtain. As I turned to leave the bathroom the light went out, thinking I had blew a bulb or something I checked the switch and it worked! That same night I went to bed a little uneasy. I always set my alarm clock for the same time each morning. I don't know if this was a dream or reality, but when I heard the alarm clock I sat up to lean towards the end of my bed where it is to shut it off.

As I put my hand on the snooze button I felt someones hand on top of mine, I looked up and saw a women standing there looking at me, I remember saying something to her and she just stared at me and said its going to be alright. I felt so calm by this womans presence and I laid my head back down and fell to sleep like a baby. When I awoke again I told my sister about it and she said that I was freaking her out because that same time that morning she got up to go to the bathroom and heard me talking to someone, she said that she thought I was talking in my sleep but as she went to return to her room all the hairs on her arm stood up and she got a chilly sense in here.

I am not sure who actually resides in my home but I know that he is here and likes us to know it. You can be the judge of that.

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