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Mr. R

March 2002

This just happened on March 7th, 2002. And this time I have corroboration!

My son and I went to Columbia, our state capital for a field trip. After watching our lawmakers in action, we walked outside and saw a church across the street. Now, churches have cemeteries, right? Well, I decided we were going to do a walk-through of the cemetery. As we were walking along looking at tombstones that were several hundred years old, we walked by an old family grave site underneath a large tree and encompassed with a wrought iron fence. At first, nothing was amiss. We had to walk past this site again on our way out. BUT this time something wasn't quite right. There was a smell- a smell of old mildew, like we had just walked into a dank, dark moldy basement. The smell was strong-very strong. It smacked us right in the face (not like a hand slaps-more like walking into a wall). I scrunched up my face and asked my son, "Do you smell that?" He sniffed the air and said, "Yeah! I do! What is that?" Well, we looked for a source of the smell but on a clear, calm, warm day with no wind, we couldn't figure it out. We walked away but returned a few minutes later. Now, here's the weird part: the spot where the smell was strongest moved! We decided to do a little test. We walked away again and returned to find the spot had moved again! We did this several times and every time the spot moved. It was like it was pacing in front of this family site! It never went beyond the fence. My son and I looked at each other with wide eyes and realized we had just met Mr. R! We left poste-haste!

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