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Mrs Gipe

Nicole, Pennsylvania, USA
September 2005

Hi there. :) I've got a story about two different ghost experiences here which I hope will be interesting. Let me first start off by saying that I'm a very sensitive person and have been able to sense strange things from a very young age. I have never "seen" a ghost or anything strange, but I suspect that I was able to do so while I was a child- my father sometimes talks about my friend "Glassy," a little girl I claimed to see in our house, someone I reportedly played with when alone. I have no memory of this little girl, but I wonder why I would have called her something so strange. Maybe because glass is generally transparent...? I really can't remember this, but both my mother and father swear up and down that I was ALWAYS talking about my friend!

Anyway, I've moved around quite a bit since the days of Glassy. My parents divorced when I was fourteen, and when they did so my mother moved down the street to an old house once belonging to a very elderly lady named Mrs. Gipe, and my father moved only a few minutes away to a slightly newer house.

When my mother, younger sister, and I moved in, we were informed by a relative that both Mr. and Mrs. Gipe had died in the house, in what was now my mother's bedroom. I joked about ghosts on the first day, but I remember that my mother looked very sternly at me and said that those who pass away peacefully don't come back. I believed her for a few months, but after that, well, that was when everything began. My bedroom was once Mrs. Gipe's bedroom, from what I was told- when her husband passed she moved to the room downstairs, but before her health declined it was hers. This didn't trouble me until the first time I sensed someone watching me as I tried to sleep.

My room was very oddly shaped, so my bed was tucked between two walls. The left side of the bed was against one wall, and there was enough room on the right side for my nightstand and a path wide enough for me to walk through so that I could hop into bed. What I sensed after a few nights was someone standing against the wall, watching me as I tried to sleep. I was sort of scared at first, but tried to convince myself that it was my imagination. There would be nights without this presence and then there would be nights with them, and so after a while I became convinced that there really WAS someone watching me. As I paid more attention to what I felt, I would become relaxed, warm, and drowsy, and even began thinking that this person was watching over me. Although I felt nervous each time I knew the spirit was there, after I got over my initial fear, I felt very comforted. As time passed, other things happened in my bedroom- one night something caused the edge of my bed to bounce (it was as if someone had sat down or jumped on it), and on another I woke up to find my pillows flung across my room. I am a very still sleeper, as my fiance can confirm, and usually sleep on my stomach with my arms crossed across my chest- the chance is always there that it was me who threw my pillows, but I have never done such a thing before!

On other occasions I felt the comforting presence of who I believe was Mrs. Gipe- once my sister and I were napping on the big bed in her room (which was a spare room connected to the attic), and I half-woke to the sound of a beautiful voice singing. As I became more and more aware of this sound, I realized that it was coming from the kitchen! My sister's room was DIRECTLY over the kitchen, and sound travelled easily in that very small house, so I knew where it was coming from. I bolted downstairs and found nothing- there was no music playing, either inside or outside, and there were only TWO radios in the house- one in my room and one in my sister's! Sometimes doorknobs would jiggle and doors would pop open, and every now and then I could feel someone behind me in the kitchen. I really don't think that Mrs. Gipe left her house, despite what my mother said- my mother knew her for a few months before she died, and said she was a kind, sweet old woman who loved her children very much. We moved out of that house a little over a year ago now, and on the day I left, I stood in my bedroom and thanked her for watching out for me. She meant no harm and never caused any, and I'd like to think she's taking care of the new owner now.

Thanks for reading my little story. I know it's nothing sensational, but I like to share. :) I was thinking about talking about what happened at my father's house as well, but unlike Mrs. Gipe, that spirit wasn't exactly so friendly... so maybe some other time.

Nicole, Pennsylvania, USA
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