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Mrs Millar

Pippy, Belfast, UK
May 2004

I don't know very much detail about ''Mrs Millar'' because the neighbors don't really like to talk about her. But I believe she still lives at number 13. We bought our house back in 1989, I was just 5 yrs old so I cant remember a thing. The house had been empty for years and the grass in the garden was apparently 12 ft tall. Strange how it's number 13 and the strange things started happening around 2 yrs ago '13th year' living in the house as well!

My mum was chatting to a neighbour over a cup of tea one day and she just happened to mention the strange things. Our neighbour was an old lady who had lived in the street many years and she knew 'Mrs Millar', my Mum wouldn't tell me much about it, she said I'd have nightmares. But nothing could have scared me more than the 2 weeks I was left home alone while my mum and dad went camping around France. I had to go to work and I also looked after the dog.

I slept in my Mum and Dad's bed with the dog cos I was being really scared and wimpy being left on my own. And Yes I know I was 17. I had just switched the TV off and was dozing off when I felt a breeze on my face, like someone blowing on me, it was really chilly and I just lay there, eyes wide open and just thought 'Oh crap'. I switched the TV back on to occupy my mind, then dozed off again. It was around 3am, I later recounted, when I was woken to the feeling of someone stroking my face, it was a soft feeling, but so cold. Thats when I freaked. I jumped up and ran for the light. I sat up with the dog all night. The next few nights I got my cousin to come stay with me.

I have had other freaky experiences as well, just silly things like I hear my Mum calling me and I shout down the stairs 'What' and she'd be like 'What? I didn't call you'. I've also had calls on my Mobile and the caller ID will come up 'Home' and I'd actually be in the house. Alone.

I know that 'Mrs Millar' died in the house, it was a room upstairs, but nobody knows which room. She lay for a week before anybody realised something was up. Her body was bumped down the stairs and dropped in the hallway and for some strange reason my dog likes to lie in that spot and when you come near her, she'll growl at you.

Pippy, Belfast, UK
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