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Mrs. Reilly

October 2002

My husband and I bought our home about 2 years ago. It had been vacant for some time before that because the previous owner had died and her husband had gone into a nursing center.

At the time, I had a job where I worked at home a lot of the time. One day shortly after we moved in, our doorbell rang. I answered it only to find a gentleman with a health agency at my door asking for Mrs. Reilly. When I explained to him that they no longer lived her and that, in fact, Mrs. Reilly had passed away, he looked very disturbed. He apologized for bothering me and asked if I was sure she had passed away. I told him that I was. He said "that is funny...I just spoke with someone who claimed to be Mrs. Reilly at her number this morning. She said it would be ok for us to visit today." He again apologized and went back to his car.

The poor man looked white as a sheet when he left. Many, many strange things have happened since we have lived in this house, but I have no doubt the gentleman at the door DID talk to Mrs. Reilly that day. She has made her presence known on more than one occasion!

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