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Ms. Chanandler

Jessica, TX, USA
October 2003

My best friend and I went through a period of time when she and I were the only ones we ever had any social contact with due to financial and personal situations.

I had a long distance boyfriend at the time who was curious in the paranormal. We would spend our days and nights talking to each other on the phone. One night, my boyfriend had found a website which listed all of the so called haunted places in the city in which he lived. He and his friends decided to go to one of the places late one night. My boyfriends brother had brought along a camera, sure enough they claim to have seen a shadowy figure walking across a bridge towards them. While the other boys ran off, my boyfriend's brother snapped a few pictures before taking off himself.

A few days after this happened, abnormal events started to take place in my boyfriends apartment. There were random knocks on doors, doors slamming, and my boyfriend who was in a band had his music files (of his bands music) on his closed laptop, in the middle of the night his laptop started to blare his bands songs. My boyfriends mother tried to "cleanse" the apartment, and that is when the spirit came to me. We, my best friend and I, believe that the spirit came to me because I was the next closest person (emotionally & spiritually).

This is when my best friend and I became haunted by what was later named Ms. Chanandler. My best friend, also named Jessica, has 3 adopted younger sisters who are the love of her life. The first event that made us aware happened one night in her bedroom. A picture of her 3 little sisters slid across a desk. Soon after, we both heard noises at night (in our seperate homes) and whenever we stayed the night together we would hear glass breaking in bathrooms, footsteps, and we could definitely sense a present. As a side note, when we heard the glass break, we went to check and nothing was broken.

The biggest sequence of events happened one weekend while Jessica and I were babysitting 2 little boys while their parents were out of town. We were living at the house for about 4 days and one night while having a cigarette after the kids were asleep, we heard the baby cry on the baby monitor (which was inside). Jessica, who was "in charge" of the 3 month old, ran inside to go check on the baby. She came back reporting that he was passed out and that the monitor must have picked up another monitor from around the neighborhood. We stayed outside just talking for a few more minutes and we noticed the people's cats were roaming around the house in a very wierd manner.

All day long these cats would hide but that night they were coming to the back door pawing at it. Next thing you know, the baby monitor lights went up and we heard the baby cry. Jessica rushed to the door but when she tried to open it, we had been locked out from the inside! Together we both had to pull (and almost broke the door frame!) to get the door open, and sure enough when we both rushed to the room where the baby was supposedly crying... he was out cold.

We were both insanely freaked out but tried to keep ourselves calm because we needed to be in good condition to care for the kids. Later that night though, when Jessica was asleep, I had fallen asleep with the phone lying on my stomach. In the middle of the night I woke up to the phone making a loud noise so I picked it up to read what the display said. "PAGING" is what it read, so I looked around for Jessica to see if she needed the phone for some reason, and there was Jessica... fast asleep next to me. The spookiest part is the base of the phone where someone would page it from was directly behind my head where I was sleeping! We decided that it was best for us to not be afraid of our ghost, so we gave it a name Ms. Chanandler (a joke brought on by watching way too many Friends episodes). It seemed that once we accepted that someone or something was there, whether they are still here or not they do not seem to make their presence known anymore and we have not experienced anymore paranormal scares since! It also opened us up to some information and occurrences that we had never been exposed to before.

Life truly is a learning experience... and all walks of life for that matter!

Jessica, TX, USA
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