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Ms. Visitor

Star Juarez, MI, USA
August 2005

Hello, like many of you I was one of these kids who was into the paranormal from a very early age. I was very isolated, and relied on my "imagination" to supply me with simple comforts such as friendship and entertainment, which were not within my grasp in the real world. But I did enjoy a number of "visitors" during my childhood, along with some not-so-enjoyable ones. But, as a child, I was NEVER afraid of these things, and when thinking back, there were a number of things that would just scare me out of my skin these days.

I don't know why, but my open communication with my "visitors" as a child has left me nervous and terrified as an adult. Hey, I thought it was supposed to be the other way around!? Ah, well....what am I going to do about it? The point I guess, being that I am now afraid as an adult. Two years ago I moved into my first home and things have begun to pick up, resulting in this realization of how fragile I've become and just how much I was affected by all the things I encountered throughout my childhood. Okay, let me get to the story....

My husband, daughter, father and myself moved here on June 11, 2003 on my father's birthday. Everything seemed to be going well until June 19th, the one-year anniversary of the day my 20 year old brother was struck by a Ford Ranger and instantly killed. The day we (my Pagan sister and I) were lighting candles and incense and praying; begging for a sign that his spirit would contact us. But when we were contacted I'm not too sure it was him.

I was cleaning out the refrigerator, taking out the glass shelves, washing them, and returning them. I had taken out the largest of the shelves, and placed it on the floor propped it against the cabinets to reach air temp before I washed it in the hot water. I was done with the rest of the shelves, and reached for the last one, ready to clean it. My sister had gone to the corner store to get a soda or something, forgive me for not remembering, but when compared to what happened next isn't even really worth the mention. I had just lifted the shelf and when it was about 1/2 way to the sink I heard the sound of a windshield shattering when struck with something very hard; very quick. Hearing this, I turned my face just before the glass in the shelf exploded, and I mean it exploded!. I immediately ran to the shower, rinsing off the glass that covered me, some even embedded in my skin. When I got out, my sister had just returned home. I was shaking, confused, and still quite startled. I explained to her what happened, and she immediately brought up my brother. It is kind of ironic that glass shattering may have been the last sound he ever heard. And upon cleaning the glass, we discovered that it shattered with so much force, that the broken windshield-like pellets that we were now cleaning up were scattered as far as 20 feet from where it exploded. The drains in the sink were filled with the glass pellets, I mean they were EVERYWHERE. Places I can't see as being reachable from the site of the incident. But it happened. And that wasn't the end of it.

Since moving here, I have changed my opinion on just who or what contacted me that day. I now perceive it as a mockery, or a "Play on my emotions" if you will, placed upon me to deceive and torment. Not to mention it did have the satisfaction of drawing my blood during that ordeal as well.

It comes about in female or child form, manifesting itself in chilling, mysterious, and unforgettable ways. I suffer from sleep paralysis, and during an episode I was being clawed and bitten by this blackened, withering form of a woman, who's eyes, though in a dream looked at me with an intent....yes, indeed. It made my blood run cold (colder than normal!). I still see the vision of her face and hands clawing at me, trying to drag me down with her burned eternally into my ever-filling memory. And the fact that I was going through a bout of sleep paralysis to boot made it all the more vivid. As I awakened, but was forced still, with eyes closed, unable to defend myself from this monstrosity which I could even FEEL, trying to tear me to shreds.

And just about two weeks back I was reaching for the broom which is, by the way, in the "active spot" in the house, you know, that place were something's always lurking and it's always unexplainably cold, the place where you swear you see something out of the corner of your eye or you here whispers coming from. You get goosebumps near etc. and where, in my case, I was standing a few feet from during the shelf incident. Okay, yeah, well that place. In my house it's in the back of the house in a small hall between the basement and bathroom, which is, incidentally, where I store my broom. When I went to reach for it I shot back as I heard this low, loud moan, groan, growl...something but repeatedly as if with every breath it took. It sounded as if it was right next to my ear, directly on the other side of that basement door. "How is this possible?" I thought (as I ran, screaming by the way). My husband, and another sister of mine heard me scream, and questioned me as I approached them. When I told them, we decided to investigate. We stood outside of the basement door, all three of us with nothing but silence for a moment, leaving me feeling vulnerable to their skepticism, when it began once more. Of course, we were all mortified. It continued as we all just stood there in shock. We then began hearing things smashing and crashing, including the symbols on a set of drums down there. My sister ran to the vent in one of the other rooms, and put her ear to it. She told me you could hear the breathing through the ventilation system as well. And, of course, she was right.

Well, my husband, trying to be the brave and manly type, decided to open the basement door. He grabbed a hatchet, came back, and turned the knob. The door swung slowly open, and that's when things got really wierd....

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We all saw nothing, but at the same time, all of the sounds continued. The drums, the breathing, the crashing. Yet nothing was even moving. Nothing had been moved. And we just stood there, eyes wide, jaws dropped, the whole sha-bang. I mean, wow. What is in my house?

There are so many more occurrences and stories I have, but I thought these were a couple of the most interesting, recent, and hopefully, most convincing stories that I wanted to share at this time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my really real, and truly true ghost stories.

Star Juarez, MI, USA
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