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Mum's Home

March 2004

This experience didn't happen to me but to one of my very close friends. She told me her story and I believe every word of it.

Her mother passed on recently from Cancer, they knew it was going to happen but they were still devastated. The first night that she had been gone she told me they couldn't feel her, there was just nothing. She said it was a feeling hard to explain.

The second night after her death, they were all at home together and her father walked out from his bedroom and announced "Mum's home". He told them he could feel her presence in the ensuite they shared. He said it freaked him out and told her that he loved her but to go away cos she was scaring him.

Later that night my friends younger brother couldn't get to sleep, he was too upset. Then he heard a familiar sound next him, his mother always used to rap her long finger nails on any surface if she was sitting still. He heard this sound then on his bedside table. Then felt a hand rubbing his leg in comfort. This calmed him down as he knew it was his mother and said hi to her before he fell asleep.

My friend believes that her mother was visiting them that night to make sure they were all coping ok. Every time she thinks of her she'll get signs that her mother is watching over her and this makes her feel good and puts a huge smile on her face.

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