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Music From Above

Micky Dee, Vic, Australia
March 2003

When I was at camp during the summer holidays for one week, I was in a dorm with about twenty other people. The dorm that was next to us was empty, for what reason I didn't know.

The shower area connected my dorm and the empty dorm together, we weren't allowed to go in there because the camp leaders kept it locked. The only way you could see into the dorm was through louver doors, that's how I found out that there was a piano and an old wooden swivel chair in the room.

Two days before camp ended, I got up during the night to go to the toilet. As I made my way with my torch as my guide I made it to the toilet I bumped into someone.

I bumped into one of my friend who was just left the toilet area, but before I got to go, my friend and I heard something, it sounds just like a piano playing. I looked outside to see if the light in the camp leaders hall as on, as that was one place a piano was, but the light as off, the only other place the sound could have come from as the dorm next door.

My friend and I walked into the shower area and found that the piano music was louder, we walked up to the louver door looked in but I couldn't see anything, I shined my torch in to have better look, but when I did, and music stopped playing and the wooden swivel chair spin around.

I thought the wind could have moved the chair, but the chair made a loud sound as if someone had spun it around.

The next day while it was raining, there was a camp meeting to talk about talent night, and we all went to the empty dorm, I was surprised as we weren't allowed in there before.

Before the camp leaders spoke to us, my friend and I went to the piano, and looked at the chair, it as old and rusty and was hard to spin by hand, so how did it spin? We asked the one of the camp leaders if the piano was a played piano, but it wasn't.

Who was playing the piano?

We found that some years before a girl died from asthma attack in that very same dorm. The piano was placed in there before the girl who died loved to play, and played that same piano on her talent night. I do not remember to name of the song but the camp leader made the same tune when she whistled, which happened to be the song that the girl played on her talent night.

I haven't been back to that camp since, but my friend has, I she said that other people have said to have heard the music from the empty dorm.

Micky Dee, Vic, Australia
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