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Jeanette Martinez, Texas, USA
January 2001

My dad owned, well he still owns a night club called Hill Billy Heaven. Its a nice club with country music and all and we get alot of people there. Well anyways, one night, it was on a Saturday night, my dad asked me to come along to help out the employees clean up and some bartending.I was 16 at the time now I'm 18. So I told him I would go, since I didn't have anything else to do that night. So my dad and I went to the club I helped out a little with the bartending and I cleaned up people's tables when they were done.

Well it was already 2:30 am and people were starting to leave since we usually close up near 3am. All the employees left home except one, so he asked my dad if he could give him a ride home, but I wasn't done cleaning up I still had alot of tables to clear, and my dad had given me that main job. So he told me he would be right back and asked me if I wanted to come along, I told him no and that I would stay to finish up quicker. He said ok, so he gave me the keys to the club and told me to lock up as soon as he left. So they left and I locked the door behind them. I was gathering some glasses from a table when all of a sudden the red lights go on all by them selves. I stayed kind of shocked, so I didn't move, then the light shut off. And I was just standing there hoping someone would jump out and start laughing......but no one did. Then the juke box started playing so loud I got scared and accidently dropped the 3 glasses I had in my hand on the floor. Now I was really scared. I just wanted to run outside but I was too in shock I guess. So I got enough courage to start walking to the door and I had decided to wait for my dad outside. Then the music shut off, so I kind of calmed down a little. But that wasn't going to stop me from still going outside, then all of a sudden the music started playing then it stopped, and it was just going on and off on and off. I got so scared I wanted to cry. So without even thinking I just ran out of the club and I waited outside for my dad. When my dad got there he saw me crying and he saw I was in shock and I was stuttering so much I couldn't even tell him what happened. He calmed he down then I told him what happened, so he suggested we go and take a look. We went inside and everything was calm and quiet.

We waited there for 30 minutes and nothing happened, my dad thought I was crazy. Till this day I still can't prove it to him what happened that night, and he still owns that club and it still gets alot of business as usual. So yes, he thinks I was just making it up to get attention or something, thats the sad part, that he didn't believe. He said he didn't know wether to believe me or not because I had never stuttered and I was shaking so much when he grabbed me. Obviously, I hardly go there anymore, I dont think I'll be going there much.

Jeanette Martinez, Texas, USA
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