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My 3 Haunted Houses

Rob, OK, USA
July 2003

I have lived in 5 different houses and in 3 of them I have seen ghosts.

I'll start from the first one:

I used to live in a stone house on N. 400 West in Rochester, IN. I moved there when I was about 4. We no longer live there. But there is so many things that went on in that house.

When we first lived there, there was a lot that happened. My sister, "Hanna" reported seeing a hand reaching in her door and move things on her dresser around. One night a girl of about 15 in white walked into "Hanna's" bedroom, sat on her bed and started to rub her leg. Early one morning "Hanna" woke up and she could not move, her hand and legs were pinned down, she screamed, my mother and sister, "Rachelle" came and didn't believe that she was stuck so they just left the room and a minute later it let go and "Hanna" was free..

My brother "Ian" said that one night he got up for a drink of water, got one, went through the living room and saw our old rocking chair rocking by itself. In one of the pens for our horse it will grow high with weeds in the summer so he had to go and clear some of the weeds out, he started to cut some of the weeds by the woods with one of those hand weed whackers that are like a shovel and he heard footsteps behind him so he turned around and nothing was there so he turned back around and then a bush started to shake behind him. On another occasion him and my other brother "Joe" woke to hear their door handle rattling.

There is a small furnace in the living room and my mother and father would take turns stoking the furnace once a night. My mother one night went down to put wood in it and out of the corner of her eye she saw the girl in white sitting on the stairs, she ignored it by just going about her business and when she was done it was gone (that is the only ghost she ever saw and she denies it now).

When we first moved in I didn't have a bed to sleep in for one reason or another so I slept on a couch upstairs. At the time there was a door from that room into the master bedroom, and at nights I would hear footsteps going from the bathroom, through the room I was in and into the main bedroom.

After that nothing much happened for about 5-6 yrs when I was around 10yrs old and the only ones who witnessed them were me and my little sister "Lilly."

We would go feed the chickens during the day and we would hear children in the woods, we would hear laughing, singing, crying and screaming, we would then go into the woods looking for the kids that snuck onto our property and there would be no signs of any kids, but heard only sounds of footsteps.

The weirdest thing that happened during that time was is the hammering at nights. We took turns locking the chicken coop so that no animal would get them and one night I heard a sound of someone hammering which came from every direction. At first we didn't mind, we just though it was a neighbor working late on something, but it continued every night and it would freak us out, so us being young we would go run inside to mommy. She would come out and the sound would be gone of course so she would go inside and as soon as she left it would start up again.

When I was young I had a habit of waking up pretty early, even on the weekends, just when the sun would just start to come up and one morning I awoke to see the girl in white floating a few feet off the floor in the corner of my downstairs bedroom so I just shoved my head under the covers until she was gone.

The one last thing is that every time I went upstairs by myself I got this terrifying feeling inside and I could not stand being up there for one more second, so I would run downstairs as fast as possible. I never really got that feeling when I was downstairs, just up. The creepy thing is that the man that built our house died while building it, so that would explain the hammering. And my friend's Dad, who had lived there all his life, told me that the guy who built the house, got into trouble for using an old broken tombstone on the house. I don't know if this is true, I never saw any engravings in the stones, however, that might explain the children in the woods and the girl in white.

Yep, those are the strange events that happened when my family lived on North 400 West.

The next place I moved to was a small town called Centerville, Indiana. It was a small little house, but nice and it was surrounded by trees. I was 11yrs old when we moved here. We only lived in that house for 1 yr. so not too much happened.

Well, one of the first things that happened was when I has in the shower. I was just taking a shower, and I heard a bunch of noises, shaking and banging, it would stop, and then it would start again. I was like "what the heck is going on?", so I finished washing up and I went out of the bathroom and asked, who was making all the noise and everyone was like, "what are you talking about?". I got a little suspicious and the next time I took a shower it happened again so I jumped out of the shower, waited and saw the closet door shaking and banging coming from inside the closet. I opened the closet thinking that the cat was stuck in there. I open it up, found not the cat but the closet was a complete mess. Things from inside the closet were all over the place. I got dressed as fast as I ever did in my life and got out of there. After that I wouldn't take showers at night anymore.

One time my parents were going out for the day, so they left at about 8 in the morning and didn't get back until 11:30 at night. So, it was just me and two of my sisters, "Lilly" and "Hanna." We decided to just have a movie day; we watched movies the whole day. From the living room you could see my parents' room. The door was open and the lights were off the entire day because they were gone. It was around 10 and it was just commercials on TV. So, we all took a break. I went to the bathroom, "Hanna" to the fridge and "Lilly" to change into PJs. I don't take that long in the bathroom so I was the first one back and as I enter the living room I see that all the lights in my parents room had turned on all by themselves.

My mother likes wind chimes and she had one hanging from her ceiling fan in her room. And one day we all hear this loud crash. My mother and me run into her room to check it out, to find that her wind chime had fallen off the ceiling fan. My mom doesn't really believe in ghosts so she says, "the stupid cat must have done it", and she then left. But I stayed to investigate. I search the whole room and did not find the cat in that room. Then, I started to think, even if the cat did do it, it would be pretty hard for a cat to get that down, especially if the chime was tied to the pull chain of the ceiling fan.

I was in my room one night, looking in the bookshelf at the end of my room. There was a small hand held fan on my dresser, on the other side of the room and it just turned on by itself. It took me a while but I slowly went over and turned it off.

After that we had another incident with a fan. My mom, "Lilly" and me were sitting in the living room, watching TV, with a big box fan turned on, and sitting on the floor. My mom said she felt chilly (very strange because, everyone else was hot) so she told me to go turn off the fan. So, I went over there and turned it completely off and sat down, and few minutes later it just turned on high all by itself. We all just stared at the fan for a while, then I went over and turn it off and then unplugged it, just to make sure. My mother had no explanation for that one.

One night I was sleeping and was woken up by a loud thumping noise, like someone was jumping on the floor. The sound just kept going and going and going, I tried to sleep, but I was too freaked out to sleep. At this time I shared had to share a room with "Lilly." So, the sound stopped long enough for me to gain courage to get up and nudge "Lilly". I asked her if she heard the thumping, she said no and went back to sleep. I got back into my bed, and tried to go back to sleep scared and then it started again. I got up, nudged "Lilly," she woke up, and by that time it had stopped. I asked her again if she heard it, but no she didn't. I was not gonna be able to sleep in that room, so I got my blanket and pillow, built up enough courage (it took a while), and went out into the living room to sleep.

The living room was just down the hall. I laid on the couch and tried to sleep. Then it started again, but it was not as loud because I was farther away from it. I tried as best as I could to ignore it and finally I fell asleep.

The last thing to have happened that I can remember was at 11:30 at night. My mother, "Lilly" and me had come back from a long day at the county fair. My two brothers and my oldest sister, "Rachelle" had come to visit. My whole family was there and we were all talking in the living room and the doorbell rang. So my brother, "Joe" and me opened the door. The door was right in the living room so it took us about 4 sec to be outside to find no one there. We turned on the outside light, looked under the porch, around the cars, and found no one and heard nothing. We came back inside, I was freaked out because I knew what had happened, it was another ghostly visit, but my mother being the non-believer says the doorbell is probably low on batteries. I knew it wasn't the batteries because I have heard the doorbell when it is low on batteries, it makes this nasty slow ring, WHEN it has been rung, it had never rang by itself before.

Although I never saw the ghost face to face, I think one of the ghosts from my last house followed us. I think this because, one of my friends happened to live in that house before my family and he said he had not seen or heard anything weird when he lived there. That is it. I know it is a little longer than the last but that is because I witnessed all of them. It was pretty weird they all happened when I was around. No one else had a personal experience with them but me while we lived there. The only thing that I got was from "Hanna," she said that she got a bad feeling that something strange was there. Those are the occurrences when I lived on Lammott Road.

The last place I lived at that was haunted was Katy, Texas in a sub-division called Fountain View. I moved there when I was 12yrs old. The first year I lived there some things happened. My sister "Lilly" said that she heard someone banging on her walls of her room at night, items that hung would start to sway, like chandeliers, and some other little things. My mother was actually the one who reported the things swaying, I guess she had to admit that when I asked her if she noticed anything strange. She said that there was no draft to make it move, it would just start to swing for a little while and stop. Then a year later is when a few major things happened.

My friend, "Gram" and I were outside just walking around the sub-division talking at around 2 in the morning. We were just hanging out and I suggested that we go sit on the benches at the park across from my house, but "Gram" said that he had a bad feeling and didn't want to. I said okay. Then little while later I suggested it again and he said fine, I'll go. So, we headed up there. I was looking and talking to him as we walked; he was looking forward. We got half way there and "Gram" just took off running in the opposite direction. I turned to watch him run, saying, "Gram" what are you doing? I turned back around to see a short ghost wearing purple right beside the bench where we were going to sit. I ran across the street to where "Gram" was. We stood there trying to calm down, while trying not to look at the park. We both calmed down some and looked back at the park, and the ghost was gone. We didn't want to be outside any longer, so we headed for the back door of my house. We got though the gate, closed it, and entered into the backyard. Just before we reached the door, the gate began to shake furiously. This almost made us wet ourselves, being that we were scared to begin with. That back door opened faster than a speeding bullet and we were inside. Then a few weeks to a month later, I was getting ready to go to school. It was early; it was still dark outside. I was getting into the fridge to get some breakfast. Our refrigerator was directly beside the doorway into the kitchen. As I was looking in the fridge, I see an arm pass by the doorway out of the corner of my eye. I close the fridge. Me, thinking it was "Lilly," called for her. "Lilly" is that you? No answer, and as I exit the kitchen, and into the hallway, I looked around and nothing was there. After that nothing else happened from then on.

Rob, OK, USA
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