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My Angel (1)

Juliana, MA, USA
July 2001

This is a true story that happened a couple months, in which I will never forget.

I am now 11 and this happened in January 2001.

My dog Benson passed away a couple years ago from a brain tumor. He was a big 125 pound lab that was black. He was always happy and playful like a little puppy but he was 7 years old when he died.

One day, i was sitting at my computer surfing the Internet, usual thing that I do! This is usual, but what happened after, I can never explain. My computer froze, then I shut it down.

I heard a loud barking sound outside my window. Since there hasn't been any dogs in the neighborhood as long I could remember! Then i swore I saw my puppy, my long life freind, outside! I saw a vision of me and him playing with a frisbee! I didn't believe my eyes. I looked away and looked back, it was gone.

This next thing happened just a couple weeks ago. It is up to you to belive it or not.

I was walking in my hall to go to the bathroom, when I saw Benson walk up the stairs, and disappear into the wall!!! Now this REALLY freaked me out. I started to cry, and my mom asked me "what happened?" I told her and of course, she didn't believe me.

I still belive Benson is my Angel. This wasn't supposed to be a "scary Story" it might even make you smile.

Dedicated to my Angel Benson I love you bud!

Juliana, MA, USA
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