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My Aunt's Haunted House

Barbara Hayden, OH, USA
October 2001

For as long as I can remember,I've always felt strange in my aunt's house.Not strange like,I might get in trouble if I touch something, but strange like someone or something was watching me.

Only 2 things ever happened to me personally,but others in the family have their stories.Well here's my stories, I hope you enjoy them.

The first experience I had was when I was spending the night with my aunt while her husband and son were out of town. My aunt retired to bed around 11 p.m. I decided to stay up and watch some TV(they had cable, we didn't) I watched until I got sleepy,I turned off the light and t.v. and got comfy on the couch (my bed for the night)

After about 5 minutes, I could faintly hear someone talking. I sat up and tried to listen more closely. I realized that the voice was coming from the direction of the downstairs bedroom where my aunt was sleeping.

I thought maybe my aunt was asking me to bring her something. So I got up and went to the doorway leading to her room and the stairs. I called out to my aunt, and got no answer from her. But I did hear someone talking upstairs.

This frightened me, because I knew that it was only my aunt and I in the house. I quickly ran back to the couch and pulled the covers up over my head. Needless to say I didn't sleep a wink or move the whole night.

Here's my second experience: enjoy!

On this occasion I was upstairs in the master bedroom. On one side of the room is a brick wall with 2 small doors about 3 feet in height. On the other side of this wall is another room, which is used for an attic. My cousin John and I were in there looking for a box of seashells. Whoever owned the house before them had started to remodel this room. It looked like it was going to be a sitting room with a bathroom off to one side. Now stored in this room were very old things that had once belonged to my grandparents.Things like old furniture, photos, even an old phonograph. In the bathroom part all the fixtures were there but no pipes for running water (you'll understand why I stressed that there was no pipes).

My cousin and I were busy looking for the seashells when all of a sudden we heard the water running in that bathroom and the phonograph began to play a record that wasn't there. Now let me explain something, there was no needle on there an it hadn't been wound to play in years. My cousin who's about 6"3' managed to get us both through those 3 foot doors and down the stairs in an instant. I don't think our feet ever touched the steps at all.

I still visit my aunt but I don't stay the night or go into that half-finished room.

Barbara Hayden, OH, USA
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