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My Aunt's House Is Full of Ghosts

Nicole, l., NY, USA
September 2003

These experiences happened when I was little, mainly between the ages of being 6 months old and 13,( I'm now 16). I have had experiences after the age of thirteen but I won't go into them. Ok so lets get started.

Having been 6 months old normally people don't remember anything from that age, but my parents have reassured me that these experiences have happened.

My Aunt's house was built back in the early 1800's , back then it was used as a carriage house where people would be picked up and dropped off and or could stay. Many years later, around 1900 or so, it became a nursing home in which my uncles mother and possibly grandmother founded. It had also been confirmed that people actually did die in the house.

After being used as a nursing home for 60 years or so, it became a regular house, where my aunt moved into with her husband. I'm going to say around the 1960's for this since I don't know the real dates. 27 years later my aunts sister (my mom) married and had me. We came to visit sometimes mostly around Christmas. Well one weekend (I think) we came to visit, and let me remind you, I was only 6 months old, we stayed in the 'brown room' since all the furniture was basically steel that was painted brown.

The room had two separate beds and my parents were up one night talking while I was sleeping in a baby carrier on the dresser.

All of a sudden the door that leads to the master bathroom, oh and also all the rooms are connected so you can walk through the whole house, anyway the door handle started shaking violently, my mother and father freaked, but I didn't stir one bit, it stopped and started again and my father told it to stop, and so it did once more. Well the third time my father was pissed and opened the door only to find no one was on the other side.!!!

About 6 and a half years later after moving to upstate NY we were staying once again at my Aunts. Being only 7 and being vulnerable and believing in everything people say, I was a little worried about staying there this time. My aunt gave us the third floor which had one bedroom, two walk in closets, and a fold out bed. My father took the room and my mother and I slept on the fold out bed. I woke the first night around 2 am and looked towards where the stairs are and saw to shadowy figures.

One was a woman in a dress that was denim on the top and a flowery skirt that was attached, and the other was a man in overalls. Well the woman was watering the flowers and the man just stared at me and by this point I was SCARED, not the normal spooked. I hid under the covers and fell back to sleep.

The next night I again woke only to find the woman standing at the banister but she was making the "come hither" motion with her finger and I freaked agian and hid under the covers and fell asleep.

That morning my father found that the door leading to the second floor was locked, we normally didn't lock it because there was no bathroom on the third floor. Talk about freaky.

The next experience happened when I was thirteen and at this time my family was living at my aunts because the septic in our other house blew up. I was playing with my cousin Morghan who was only 4 at the time so she was into playing with Barbies. We were up in her room playing and we decided to watch TV. Note: my aunt was home at the time and so was my cousins mother.

Anyway after watching some TV we began to play with her dolls agian. The door was closed only slightly so if anyone had knocked on it or touched it, it would of opened up all the way. Well all of a sudden there were three distinct knocks on the door but the door didn't move. My cousin and I froze on the spot and stared at the door as if we were waiting for it to open. But no one opened the door, so I slowly stood up and went to open the door. My cousin and I bolted downstairs and asked if anyone had come upstairs, (also we would of heard them come because the stairs squeak but they didn't). My aunt replied "no" and we told her what happened and she said "Well this house has been haunted for 60 years its nothing to me". Well lets just say I'm freaked out from all this ghost talk.

Thanks for listing to me!

Nicole, l., NY, USA
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