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My Aunt's Old House

September 2006

My aunt's first house was a bungalow reasonably far from the rest of the family who all lived in and around the same neighborhood. The house was fine for a young couple who couldn't afford much and they were happy, but then my aunt found out that she was pregnant. There was no room in the bungalow for a baby and it wasn't very safe either as it was close to a busy road.

A few months after the baby was born they moved to a beautiful Victorian house not too far from where my grandma lived. It was the perfect family home and there was loads of space. I loved that house, the stairs in particular. When you stood on the top stair the ground looked miles away. My sister and I were always running up and down them to see which one of us would get to the top first.
One night, we were at my aunts house and my mum was sitting in the living room when she glanced out the door to see a dark shadow running up the stairs. Everyone was in the room apart from me, so my mum assumed I had been the person she had seen. "There's Beth running up the stairs again!" she said. Just after she said it I came into the room and she started telling me off for running about. I protested that I had just been to get a drink from the kitchen which was on the other side of the house and that I hadn't been up the stairs at all. My mum knew that I was telling the truth, she never used to be the kind of person who believes in ghosts but she does now.
My aunt and uncle have had many experiences since then and only lived in that house for a year. They said they would hear strange noises in the night like the toilet flushing and footsteps coming up the stairs and down the hall. I believe that house was haunted, I always felt as if someone was watching me.

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