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My Baby's Guardian Angel (1)

Kim, CA, USA
January 2005

Let me start by saying I've never experienced anything out of the ordinary or supernatural (although I've wanted to) so this was very surprising to me.

This happened just a few nights ago when my husband was out of town on a business trip. I had put my children to bed about two hours before and had gone to bed myself. A few hours after I had gone to bed I woke up out of a deep sleep and immediately looked over at my dresser. Above it was floating a dark colored object that was the shape of a ball and looked like lace. The ball started floating upward as I watched it. I wasn't afraid, I just couldn't tell what it was, so I got out of bed and tried to reach up and touch it. I couldn't feel anything and it disappeared. I felt like I should go check on my children and when I went and looked in the baby's crib to check on her, her blanket was totally covering her head and was even wrapped around the back of her head! I feel like what I saw was my baby's guardian angel warning me to go check on her.

Kim, CA, USA
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