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My Baby's Guardian Angel (2)

Montana, USA
June 1997

In Montana the winter mornings can be very cold as was this case on this morn. I was taking my husband to work this day and our infant son also came with us. We had gotten all bundled up and ran out to the car. I put our son in his infant carrier in the back passenger side, then got in the car and started on down the road, all of the sudden I got goosebumps all over my body, all my hair on my body rose on end and I heard very clearly, "move the baby!". I suddenly sat frozen, grabbed my husbands arm (who was driving) and told him to pull over. He looked over at me and continued driving and asked me why? I then felt the presence even stronger and heard,"NOW!!" I repeated with the same urgency to my husband,"NOW!" He saw the look on my face and slammed on the brakes. I simply looked at him and said that I had to move the baby. He began to argue that it was very cold and that we did not have time because he would be late for work. I ignored him and got out of the car, put the baby in the front passenger seat and got in the back behind my husband. We the got on our way, not more that 500 yards from the spot that we stopped we came to an intersection, as we went through the intersection an old Bronco broadsided our little two door car. The entire force of the bronco was concentrated right at the spot that the baby had been in. The window was shattered inward. The force of the Bronco was so strong that part of the Broncos bumper had torn away and stabbed right through the car in the spot that our son was in. There was no damage in the front seat where the baby now sat, not even a shred of glass. I was tossed around and hurt my knee a little, but besides us being shaken up, no one was hurt at all. I realized then that there was a higher power looking out for the baby and as I stood in the middle of the street holding my baby I literally turned around to the presence that I could still feel looking over my shoulder,and with tears in my eyes said thank you for saving his life.

Montana, USA
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