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My Babysitting Experience

Richard Williams,South Glamorgan, UK
November 2000

My family moved into our brand new house 12 years ago. I was 11 at the time and I hated the place. It was horrible, I couldn't tell you why but I just felt really uncomfortable.

My bedroom was always cold, always. I had my bed right up against the radiator and the radiator would be on to the point where I would burn myself on it but I could still lay in bed shivering. You would notice it when you opened the door and walked on to the hall because you would get hit by a blast of warm air as you entered the hall. I have always put up with it, my parents always commented on it but I said I was fine, we had new windows put in even had a specialist to check the entire house for cracks, apart from a couple downstairs it was fine.

At the age of 18 I went to university and my younger sister moved into my old bedroom. She complained of the cold but not much else. At this point I must say that I have experienced other weird things like a growling coming from my grandparents bedroom while I was alone and also seeing things out of the corner of my eye. Back to the story however.

One weekend I had come home. My littler cousin who was 3 at the time was staying with us and I agreed to babysit my cousin and my sister while my parents went out. They went to bed at 6pm and I agreed to let them watch a video in bed. At 9pm my sister came downstairs and said there was something wrong with our cousin. Figuring the girl had hurt herself I went upstairs to find my cousin sitting bolt upright in bed eyes wide and crying and shaking. I took her downstairs and wrapped her up and after a while she was ok but wouldn't tell me what was wrong. My sister said they had switched the video off about 8.30ish and had laid in the dark talking. She said that she had gotten up to go to the toilet and when she came back found our cousin in the state she was in.

That night I called my uncle and they collected her and thats the last I heard of it. Two weeks later my mother and I were talking and she said that she had been talking to her sister, my Aunty and that my cousin had told her what had happened. Now obviously this is subject to the imagination of a 3 year old child but I have never seen anybody as frightened as this little girl was.

She told my Aunty that she was feeling sleepy and then she got very cold, in her words "like ice" She remembers my sister going out of the room. She said suddenly a tall man dressed all in black and wearing a tall hat, I presume she meant a top hat, walked through a wall into the room. The man looked around and then disappeared. Then she said she closed her eyes and when she opened them again there was another man who was completely covered in gold. Whether she meant that he was wearing gold clothes or had a gold light coming from him I am not entirely sure. She said that this man seemed to smile at her but he had no face? Not sure about that one. She then said the man in black returned and the man in gold seemed frightened. And then they both disappeared. My sister then returned and thats it really. My cousin has never been to our house again and she refuses to put a foot in it.

The bedroom still remains as the coldest room in the house.

Richard Williams,South Glamorgan, UK
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