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My Best Friend Was Possesed By A Demon

Anonymous, GA, USA
December 2010

It was the summer of 2010, and my friends and I was a couple of bored teenagers in a small town looking for something to do. I will refer to my friends as S, T, B, and myself, J.

We were at T's house, it was around 10 o'clock and we decided to make an Ouija board. B and I had done this many times before; we always had a certain interest in the occult and such. But for T and S, it was their first time. I also think it is important to add, that T, B, and Myself all believe in God (were all females BTW) but S did not. Anyways, we made a board out of a large thick sheet of paper and painted the letters & numbers on with nail polish. We turned off all the lights, lit incense and candles. And then we began.

We asked if anyone was there, and someone answered. The demon's name was Wale (yes, like the rapper.) At first he seemed very kind; we asked him questions of how he died and how old he was (the details I can't quite remember). As we continued to talk to Wale, he started saying strange things. All of a sudden, he spelt out S _ _ _ D I E.

We all looked at each other nervously, but continued to talk to him for an hour/hour and a half. Then I had an idea: let's play light as a feather, stiff as a board. S said he would be the first to do it. So we put away the Ouija board and S lay down on the floor. I didn't think anything would happen, I don't think any of us did. But he lay out on the floor, and we all surrounded him. We put two fingers below him, from his head to his legs. We began to chant, "Light as a feather, stiff as a board." After we stopped giggling, we all became very serious. After about 20 chants, something strange happened. Our eyes were closed, but we began to feel our fingers lifting off the floor, our voices began to shake as he was lifted about 5 inches off the ground. At about this time, we all stopped chanting and S fell to the ground. We flipped the light switch on in a hurry, and none of us knew what to say. S had lifted off the ground, we were sure of it.

We decided to do it again, but got freaked out yet once more and turned on the lights. But this time, something very strange happened. S, usually very happy and outgoing, sat in silence and stared off into space. We all found it kind of strange, we tried to wake him up out of this trance, and then a big tear rolled down his face. We all found it very strange. About a minute afterwards, he was back to normal. We asked him what just happened and he didn't seem to remember crying or spacing out at all.
We didn't think too much of it, and S said he wanted to go again. So we did; we were determined to have him floating in midair.

After about 3 times in a row, we took a break. And then S began to act very strange. He spaced out again and began breathing very hard, as if he was scared. He lay down on the bed and continued his heavy breathing, he ignored everything we said. He would grip the covers on his hands very tightly. And all of a sudden he would stop. He would be fine again and not be able to recollect anything that had happened. But after about another hour, it happened again, except this time he began to look around the room as if something was there.

He couldn't speak, and he began crying heavily, gasping for air. He seemed as though he was about to pass out, his eyes almost rolling in the back of his head. We were pretty sure something else was in our presence, but only S could see it. This would happen about every hour throughout the night. But it would get worse every time. It was very hard to communicate with him; we kept asking him if he saw anything in the room. But at one point I asked him, is there something in this room? He nodded. B asked him if he wanted it to go away, he nodded again.

After this, he was fine for about an hour. We asked him what had happened, he wasn't quite sure. He knew something was strange though, something was very wrong. Things were normal for a while. We were all very tired and decided to get some sleep. But as we were lying there, he began to tremble. We turned on the lights, and he sat up, gripping the covers in his hands. He kept looking around the room.
The look in his eyes was something I'll never forget: it was fear, and hopelessness. But worst of all, he had almost a sick smile on his face as he cried. He kept looking right at this thing, whatever he saw.

Finally, during one of his episodes, he was able to tell us some of what he saw. He said that there is something in the room, that it is scary and dark. That it looks like it's from Hell. As we lay next to him, he pulled me close and whispered, so helplessly: get me out of T's house. He began to come out of his trance, and he told us as we were lying down, he had a nightmare.

He said he was on a bus, (school bus I think) and all of a sudden everything turned black and he was running through darkness. Voices were telling him to get out. B was in his dream too.

We told T's mom, and she did a spell at her house and then came to my house to do it (I had used the Ouija there before too) the spell was like a cleansing spell I think, she burned sage. When she did this S began to freak out again.

After a series of events, T and I lost contact with S & B for a while. I'm friends with S though, he told me that one day when he was alone he started tripping out again and scratched up his arm real bad. He told me that B and him took the Ouija board and talked to Wale, and told him to not f*** with S anymore. I think they destroyed the board as well. Ever since then nothing else has happened.

If anyone has ever has a similar experience, please comment and share. I'd like to know what really happened to my friend.

Anonymous, GA, USA
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