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My Bother-In-Law Is Still Around

April 2003

This story is kinda long but we didn’t want to leave anything that might mean something out. Most of it has to do with lights. Some may be co-incidental but there is way too much for it all to be co-incidence.

Here are the people involved:

(S) My brother-in-law who passed away Feb 8th 2003
(M) My other brother-in-law
(S2) My nephew (D&S)’s son
(D) My sister (S)’s wife
(C) My niece (D&S)’s daughter
(P) My sister (M)’s wife
(N) My nephew (P&M)’s son
(R) Me
(D2) (S)’s sister in Georgia

February 8th 2003 at around 3:30 pm, my brother-in-law (S) passed away from a massive heart attack. He was a commissioner for the Pony League and was at the high school for baseball tryouts. He was loading baseballs into the pitching machine when he collapsed. The man who was paired up with him said that he was acting normal all day and showed no signs that he was having trouble of any kind.


Saturday morning, my nephew (S2) was bad at CCD so my sister (D) grounded him and wouldn't let him go to the baseball tryouts with(S). Normally (S2) would have gone to any baseball related things with (S). (D) told (S) that she was tired of (S2)n acting up so he was going to have to learn his lesson. If (S2)n would have gone with (S), he would have been there to watch his dad collapse.

(P) worked at the hospital that day. If it would have been 2 hours earlier that (S) had his heart attack, she would have been in the emergency room when they brought him in. She said that recently whenever they have called a code blue in route, she has been calling (M) to make sure everyone was all right.

Saturday night, (M) was in the bathroom and all of a sudden the lights went off. He figured it was just a breaker that had tripped so he decided to check it out. As he was leaving the bathroom, he noticed that the light switch was in the off position. He went back by the sink to see if he may have bumped it with his elbow to turn it off but there was no way that he could have done that from where he was and there was no one in the house close enough to turn it off.


Dad changed a light bulb at (D)’s house. The newspaper started showing up at (P) and (M)s house and has been showing up ever since. They don't subscribe to the newspaper.


(M), and (D) were gathering up some stuff for (S)’s funeral, (a baseball hat, baseball, fishing lures, pictures etc.). As they were going around the house, (D) wasn't sure were to find the fishing lures so she went downstairs into (S)’s work room. She opened one of the cabinets above the workbench, and sitting right in front was a picture of (S) and the baseball team from the first time they won the baseball championship. The team was sponsored by the same funeral home that took care of (S)’s funeral. (D) said she had no idea that the picture was there or what it would be doing inside of the cabinet in the workroom. It is more something that would be in a scrapbook.

(M) went to the funeral home to drop off the stuff. When he got there he gave the bag to them and said, "(S) needs his stuff" then left. When he was walking out he was wondering to himself why he said it in that way. He got in the van and ended up driving the wrong direction (away from (D)’s) for a few miles till (P) called him and asked where he was. He said he would be there in a few minutes then turned around.

(M) was at (D)’s and noticed that the motion light wasn't working. He figured out that the switch was turned off for some reason. (D) asked him to change the light going down the stairs so he did that too.

A few months earlier, (P) bought a couple of table lamps for the living room. When they put the 3-way light bulbs in them, both of them would only work in 1 position the middle position. They tried changing bulbs a few times and nothing changed. They liked the lamps so decided to keep them anyway. Two days after (S) died, (M) went to turn one of the lamps on and it worked in all 3 positions. He tried the other lamp and it worked in all 3 positions too.

(P) was at (D)’s and turned on the light switch for the lamp in the living room. (P) said, "The light is working now". When they tried to turn it on earlier that day it didn't work. (C) said that Grandpa changed a light earlier that day but wasn't sure if it was the same one.

(P) was in the bathroom and (M) was lying on the couch thinking about all of the problems with the lights. He was saying to himself "The lights are working" over and over again. All of a sudden, it was as if he was looking down a tunnel of light with a bright ring of light around the outside edge. It looked like a tornado turned sideways and he was looking right down the center of it. He sat up, the whole time looking down this tunnel of light. He took a deep breath and it was like an adrenaline rush times 100 or the goose bumps times a billion. He took 2 more deep breaths and each time, the power kept getting stronger and stronger. He doesn't remember exhaling he just remembers inhaling. He called to (P) and said, "I've got it, I've got the lights." (P) came rushing into the room and (M)s face was all flushed. She was ready to call 911 but (M) stopped her and told her what he saw. He said he felt total calmness come over him and that this was (S)’s way of telling us that the tunnel of light was for real and he had made his way into heaven. (P) and (M) called (D) to tell her about it and she said that right about that time she was talking to (S) asking him if she was doing everything ok.


The bathroom light in (S)’s parents bathroom started flickering on and off. The bathroom was just re-modeled by (S) last fall and the light was new. (S)’s dad replaced the bulb and it seems to be working ok.

After the funeral, (M) told the priest about what had been happening and what he saw. The priest said that he had heard similar stories and that he believed that (M) had witnessed a miracle.

(P) and (D) were going outside of (P)'s house the night after the funeral. There is a motion light outside of the house. When they went out, it didn't come on. They could see the little red indicator light coming on but the lights themselves wouldn't come on. They were waving their arms around in front of it to try to make it come on but it wasn't working. (P) called (M) to tell him that the lights wouldn't come on and as soon as she mentioned the light, it came on.

Later, (M) went home, all of the leftover cookies from the funeral were on the counter at (P) and (M)s. They were all sealed up in the containers. Someone made the comment that if (S) were there right now that he would be hanging around the cookies grazing. Later on, (M) was walking down the hall towards the kitchen and heard a container open. Their dog heard it too and looked towards the kitchen. When (M) got to the kitchen, one of the containers was open. The containers take a little bit of effort to open and couldn't have just popped open by themselves.


(M) went to the gas station to fill up the van. He got the gas started then decided to get back in the van out of the cold. As soon as he got back in the van, the pump shut off. He got back out and got the pump started again. He waited a couple of seconds to make sure it would keep going then got back in the van. As soon as he closed the door, the pump shut off again. He got back out, got the pump started again, waited a few more seconds, and then went to get back in the van. As soon as he touched the door handle the pump shut off again. He said, "Damn it (S). You're gonna make me stand out here in the cold the whole time." He got the pump running and stood there and the pump didn't shut off again till it was done.


(N) was sleeping in (P) and (M)’s room. (M) went in to wake him up so they could go over to (D)’s. (N) half woke up and looked at (M) and asked, "Where’s my friend?" (M) asked him who his friend was. (N) said he didn’t know. (M) asked where his friend was and (N) pointed towards the doorway the closed his eyes again. (M) woke him up again and asked him if his friend was a little boy but (N) said no. (M) asked if the friend was big like mommy and (N) said no. (M) asked if he was big like daddy and (N) said no that he was bigger. (N) fell asleep again so (M) woke him up again and asked what he was doing with his friend. (N) said that they were playing Candyland in his room. After (M) got (N) dressed and in the car, they stopped at the gas station to get (N) some juice. When they were back on the road, (N) told (M) that he had a dream. (M) asked what the dream was about and (N) said he couldn’t tell him. (M) asked why and (N) said that it was a secret. (M) asked why it was a secret and (N) said that the man in the dream said it was a secret.


(P) was alone in the house. She was taking a shower and had the dimmer switch for the lights turned all the way up. While she was in the shower, the lights dimmed almost all the way down then went back up to full brightness. She opened the shower curtain to see if anyone was there and the door to the bathroom was still closed.


(P) was at work. She went into the lounge on the 5th floor at the hospital. The cleaning lady was in there having a cup of coffee. (P) poured her coffee, put in the cream and started looking for Sweet & Low. There was a Styrofoam cup on the table full of sugar packets. (P) looked in the cabinet under the table but couldn't find any. She went back to the cup of sugar packets. The cleaning lady asked her what she was looking for. (P) told her she was looking for Sweet & Low. The cleaning lady said she just filled the cup with sugar packets and that there wasn't any Sweet & Low in there. (P) continued looking through the cup and when she got to the bottom she pulled out a packet of Sweet & Low. The cleaning lady’s mouth dropped open and she said, "I swear to God that I just got that cup and filled it with sugar from the box in the other room and there was NO Sweet & Low in there. (P) never met this lady before. The cleaning lady had tears in her eyes. (P) told her about a few of the things that have happened. (P) went to the phone in the hallway to call (M). While she was telling (M) what happened, half of the hallway lights went off. She didn't think anything about it and finished tell (M) what happened. Later that day, she went back to the 5th floor and the cleaning lady was standing in the hall with tears in her eyes again. She wanted to know how all of this started. (P) told her about the day (S) died and how the lights went off while (M) was in the bathroom. The cleaning lady said that after they left each other that morning, half the lights in the hallway went off. Two nurses and herself went to the light switches and the middle one was shut off. They couldn't figure out why. There was no one near the switch. (P) told he that she saw the lights go off at the same time while she was telling (M) what happened with the Sweet & low.

At (S)’s funeral, the building manager of a professional building in town told (R) that there was a bunch of burnt out light bulbs at the professional building and asked if he would have time to change them. (R) went to the professional building the 23rd and was changing the light bulbs, when he got paged by (P). She wanted to tell him the story about the Sweet & Low. While she was telling him the story he realized that now all of a sudden he was spending a lot of time with lights too. He had just changed out all of the bad bulbs about 6 months before and now there were over 20 more burnt out. He had just finished changing the bulbs in three of the suites when (P) paged so while he was talking to her, he walked through the suite and turned on all of the lights so he could see which ones were burnt out. He went back to the reception area where he left the bulbs and changed the bad ones there and in the little kitchen area while he was on the phone with (P). When he walked into the hallway leading to the examination rooms he noticed that all of the switches for the lights in the hallway were off and all of the switches in the examination rooms and bathrooms were off. He turned them back on and changed the rest of the lights. When he was all done, he had used 2 full boxes of light bulbs and 3 bulbs from the 3rd box for a total of 23 bulbs. He filled the empty boxes with 20 of the bulbs and had 5 more loose ones, 2 more than he had changed. He went back through all of the suites to see if he had forgotten to put bulbs back in one of the lights and all of the lights worked. There were no missing bulbs.


(D2) walked past the spare bedroom in her house. The pillow and comforter were bunched up like someone had slept there. She asked her husband and kids if they had slept there that night and they all said no.

(D2) was doing laundry. The dryer vents into their attached garage so they have to open the garage door when they do the laundry so all of the humid air has somewhere to go. She realized that she didn't open the garage door and was walking through the house to do it when she heard the dryer stop. When she got to the dryer the door was wide open. She opened the door leading to the garage and couldn't believe how much condensation was on everything.

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