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My Brother's Goodbye

Erica, SC, USA
March 2007

My brother, who I will call James, and I have always been really close. When I was 12 (I am now 14) James passed away. I was really upset that I couldn't even get up and go to school. About 2 weeks after he passed, I began to see something tall, white, large, and shaped like a boy in my brothers room every time I would walk past. One night I was home alone talking on the phone to my friend "Karrie", we were talking about life, boys, cars, clothes etc. I was on my way to my bedroom, which is right beside my brothers. I noticed something white on my brothers bed. I walked into the room and I saw my brothers face. I screamed and ran out of the room. I told Karrie what had happened and she didn't believe me and said that I needed sleep. We hung up the phone and I lay down in bed. About an hour or so later I went to the bathroom. I looked in my brothers room and this time I saw a large figure standing near the bed. It started to come at me, almost like flying. I wasn't scared and I couldn't move. When the large figure left I heard "I'm fine, I love you, I'm happy" in my brothers voice.
Then maybe three months later, I was in the house with my mother. She asked me if I had seen or heard a boy calling out her name. I said no. She was acting funny and I asked why?. She told me that not too long ago she was in the house and she heard what sounded like James' voice saying "I'm fine, I love you, I'm happy." I told her I've heard it to and that he was trying to tell us he is ok.
We weren't sure how he died until the night of my dream.

My mother and I were still trying to find out what was going on. I had a dream that he was partying with his friends and he was drunk and he came home and died from being poisoned. I woke up in a sweat, it was like I could feel what had happened to him. That morning I was laying in bed. I decided I wanted to talk to him. So I sat up and began to talk. I asked him what happened, who did it, and was the white figure I saw him?. That night about 11:30pm I came home from a friends house and I was going to bed. I walked past my brothers room and I saw this thing again but this time I stopped. I walked in the room and I could hear a low voice saying something like "I was young and careless".
I'm not sure what that meant but still to this day I don't understand.

I love my brother and I wished I could have him back. Nothing else has happened since then.

Erica, SC, USA
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