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My Brothers Best Friend

Siri Goulette, North Caroline, USA
April 2000

It all happened in the summer of 1988. My brother and a few of his friends were installing one of those big satellite's in our front yard. They would walk in the front door, go to my brother's room, hook up wires, jump out the window, and start over again. In the door, out the window. Well, about a month later one of the friends killed himself. This particular friend was really close to my brother and one of the family's favorites.

November that year we all were sitting in the living room watching TV We heard someone come up the front steps and heard the door open and close. I went to go and see who it was, but no one was there. In the beginning of December it happened again, while I was home with my mom and brother. My mom and I were at the kitchen table, and my brother was in his room. When we heard the door open, felt a cold breeze then heard the door closed. Before I could get up to go and see who it was we saw our dead friend. He walked in the front door, walked passed us and went to my brother's room. My brother came flying out of his room completely white and asked if we saw "him". My brother said that our friend walked passed him and out the window.

A few weeks went by and it happened once more. He came in, went to my brother's room and out the window.

That was all that happened until the following November and December. It all happened again. My aunt was lying on our couch reading (we didn't tell her anything about this), she felt a cool breeze, looked up and saw "him" walking towards her to go to my brother's room. She didn't think anything of it because we have a family ghost we call Harvey. So she's used to seeing things. When I came home she told me what happened. I told her what had happened the year before, she just said "He must be lost."

In early December our furnace went down, so we had a friend of ours come and fix it. We told him no one was going to be home, and that he could go in and help himself. As he's sitting there on the floor he heard he door open and felt a cold breeze (the kind of breeze that makes he hair on the back of your neck stand on end). He yelled out the door that he was in the furnace room to let whoever it was know he was there. No one answered. He waited a few minutes and peeked out the door, no one. When my mom came home he told her what had happened. She told him that if he had looked out the door when he felt the cold breeze he would have seen our friend walk into my brother's room.

From then on between November and December we had three visits from him. It all stopped when our friend's sister died of cancer at a young age.

But from time to time we still feel he's around us watching.


Hello again, I had submitted a story called "My Brothers Friend" and in that story I had mentioned a family ghost named Harvey. This next story is about him.

He introduced himself to my mom in a bathroom airport (of all places). He walked up to her while she was doing her business and said "Hi My name is Harvey, I'm a 10 year old boy, and I died in a car accident." My mom being the supernatural type, wasn't scared at all. She felt rather good about this encounter. So we now had a ghost in our family. Throughout my entire life I've heard stories of him. The usual stuff has happened like hiding things, changing channels, turning TV's on and off.....and so on.

It wasn't until I was about 16 did I actually see him. It was the summer of 1991. My twin sister and I stayed up late one night watching a movie. I noticed she had fallen asleep and thought it would be a good idea if I did too, as it was late and we had school the next day. My sister was fully laying on the couch so I was in a siting position kinda slumped back with my feet on the floor (not a very comfortable spot, but I was too lazy to get up and actually go to my room).

I would like to give you some background information so you can get a better idea of how this was. We lived in a rectangle house. To make this really simple when you walked in the front door if you went right you would go to the bathroom, laundry room and two bedrooms. If you went left you would go to the living room, dining room or the other two bedrooms. Directly across from the entrance is the kitchen. The living room and my brothers room had a joining wall.

One of the arm rests of the couch was up against the wall to my brothers room. People would have to walk behind the couch to get to my brothers room or my moms room. Now that I've said that, back to the story.....

Just as I'm dozing off I hear my brothers door knob start to rattle. I think "What is he doing?" Not being too concerned about it I just went back to dozing off. Then I feel this cold breeze move past me from behind the couch. With my feet being on the floor I felt the rug indent down by my toes like someone was just standing directly in front of me. I open my eyes and out the corner of my eye I see Harvey. He looked as though he was trying to tip-toe to me so he wouldn't wake me. I turned my head to face him but he was gone. I just said "Harvey, it's late. Go to bed." and with that I FINALLY went to sleep. I told my family about it the next morning and my mom said he just wanted to "Say Good Night."

I know this isn't a really scary story, aside from his usual joking around he's a real help to us. I hope we never lose him as he's been a part of our family for so long. If anyone would like to email me, please do so.

Siri Goulette, North Caroline, USA
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