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My Brothers Graduation

Titania, Florida, USA
February 2000

This story is about my brothers graduation.

He went to a small university in south western Kentucky. He was studying to be a RN (regional nurse). He had finally completed all of his schooling with an excellent grade point average. My parents were really proud. His graduation ceremony was to be held in mid December.

I guess I should explain that my brother lived in a very small town of maybe 1000, mostly consisting of college students and older folks who had lived there for quiet some time. My brother's wife had been 11 months pregnant at the time and was not going to able to walk with the rest of her class. So she declined from the participating in the formal graduation, but would receive her bachelors in science and environment. I get along very well with my sister-in-law so having a chat with her once we arrived was very enjoyable to me.

I asked her about the ceremony and where it was going to take place. She told me to her own surprise it would take place in the auditorium. She was telling me how it was quite strange that they would hold it there since for the last few years they have held it in the new creative arts building. I didn't quite understand at the time but I do now.

The auditorium dates back to the 1920's. It is very old, very large and to be truthful very unsettling. The chairs are made or wood and the moldings were obviously originals. As soon as I stepped inside I felt very awkward and uneasy. My sister-in-law guided us through a small hallway and up a stairwell. We then took our seats and waited. I eventually relaxed and the ceremony was wonderful. Then as the ceremony came to an end and everyone was exiting the balcony and descending down the stairs, I caught a chill. I dismissed it due to it being December and a draft in an old building would be quite normal. Then I stopped at the top of the stairs. I don't know why but I just couldn't bring myself to go down them. Then I turned my head and I swear I saw a dark figure in the corner of my eye. I then left the building as quickly as possible.

Now a year later I find a web site that refers to haunted places, and when I clicked on Kentucky I was not to surprised but to find that my brothers old university was listed. The old Auditorium... said to be haunted by a depressed student in the 1980's who committed suicide by jumping off the roof.

Titania, Florida, USA
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