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My Brothers Spirits

Sarah Gordon, TX, USA
June 2001

My little brother is a miracle baby. My mother wasn't supposed to be able to have any children after me because she had her tubes tied, clipped and all that good stuff. But he still came along. I was 13. I am now 19.

My mother and I have always had little paranormal things happen. We get little "visions" and "feelings" and we have all seen ghosts.

At the time we were living on 2 plots of land. My father had purchased them both and we tore down the fence between them. The house next to the one that we lived in (the other one that we owned) used to belong to a man who people say left a fortune in it somewhere and so all of the walls were torn down along with all of the floorboards being torn up but no one ever found anything that anyone knows of. What we think was the man's ghost used to walk the line where the fence used to be. I don't know if that has anything to do with the rest of the story but just in case I thought I would let you know...

When my mother was pregnant with my brother we started to see other ghosts more often always around her. We heard voices talking and I even heard voices telling me to "kill the baby" and I was tempted to do it for some reason. Don't get me wrong I love my little brother very much and I would never hurt him but these voices were so convincing. Then night that we brought him home from the hospital the entire house was surrounded by noises. Yelling and things banging on the windows. The wind blew really hard around our house but none of the neighbours houses. You could hear people outside talking but if you looked out the window there was nothing there.

A few moths after we brought him home he started watching things move around the house. There was never anything there. When he was able to talk he had conversations with people that were not there. He told us that they were "spookies".

My little brother is super smart. He is only 6 and he does double digit addition and subtraction. He reads on a third grade level. He knows things that a 6 year old shouldn't know. Before he was in school he pointed to a water tower and said "That's a water tower. It's where they keep the water that we use." I asked him how he knew that and he said "I just do" his other answers to things like that are "God told me" and "My invisible monster friend told me"

I love my little brother to pieces, but sometimes he does creep me out....

Sarah Gordon, TX, USA
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