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My Childhood Experiences

Kevin, NSW, Australia
May 2007

Yes I have many great supernatural stories that happened to me, even got a couple of them published in a book (There's No Place like Home by Christina M Meade) and a few published here on this great website. I don't know why I seem to attract weird things but I do so anyway. Here's a couple of stories from my childhood concerning the supernatural.

When I was around 10 (1978) a mate and I decided, just for the hell of it, to break into our school and maybe hide the cane from our grumpy old teacher. I went to a Catholic Primary School here in Australia and it's a pretty old school, dating back to the mid 1890s and run by nuns.

Anyway, my friend, who I'll call L and me got up early that warm autumn Saturday morning, 1978, as I was staying the weekend at his house. We rode our bikes (well, me on his bloody sister's bike) to the school, hid our bikes in the lantana bush and snuck into the school. To this day I still have weird dreams about this but L and I were standing outside one of the rooms, figuring out how to get inside when, out of nowhere, a nun appeared at the class window. We didn't recognise her at all but she looked really cranky then she was gone. L and I looked at each other with excitement. "Did you see that?" We both asked each other at the same time. We confirmed we saw a nun. A very pissed off nun. But we didn't know who she was so this intrigued us and somehow we forced our way into the library that led into two class rooms. L and I looked around the class rooms, doing this and that. But one of the class rooms felt spooky. I still see myself standing in that class room feeling very nervous because it felt like as if I just walked into a class room full of spirits (had the same experience about ten years later when I worked for a department store. I think I've told that story somewhere along the line).
I backed out and told L that we should go. We did, after we hid the cane (the teacher never found it for three months LOL) and wasn't until a few weeks later L and I were going through some old school photos when we came across a group photo of some nuns dating back to the 1930s. We were both giggling at how ugly some of them looked when L pointed at one of the nuns and said: 'Oh my God, "Harry", that's her. The nun we saw.' And it was. She looked cranky in the photo. Sister Rosemary was her name...I think...

One more experience I want to share.

I must have been around 8 or 9 when this occurred and mum was working the tuck shop one weekend, getting it clean. I got bored and wandered down to the church. Not to pray but to PRY around. Hehehe, even sat on the priest's chair. Anyway, I had to go to the toilet and was sitting there when, all of a sudden I heard the organ been played and people singing. I was by myself but I swear to this day that I heard that Organ and that ghostly choir singing and it sounded so real. I remember running for dear life. Even to this day, I still won't go into a church by myself (I haven't stepped into a church since I was 12).

Hey, thanks for reading.

Kevin, NSW, Australia
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