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My Creepy New House

Grace, New York, USA
January 2006

This past spring (2005), My fiance and I decided to move from CA to NY for school. We decided to buy a house rather than rent, because we have a good-sized dog that probably wouldn't be welcome in an apartment!

When the time came to close on the house, Pete (my fiance) flew to NY to seal the deal and check on the house, as it would remain empty for 1 month while we settled our CA affairs.

He had a list of household items that I had asked him to get and leave there for me (paper towels, a new broom, etc.). So once he and the realtor were done checking the place, Pete went to the store to get my goodies. Upon his return, he noticed that the drapes were open, although he thought he remembered the realtor drawing them closed. He closed them again and went into the kitchen to put stuff away.

He was stacking everything on one of the counters, then turned to get something else, and noticed one of the cupboard doors standing open. He thought it was closed, but didn't bother to think much about it. He closed the door, turned to put the item he had grabbed on the counter, turned again, and the cupboard was open again! This spooked the #@%&@ out of him! He closed it again, then left the kitchen, because he was freaked!

He went into the dining room, and saw that the curtains were open again, too! He looked, and the living room drapes were open, as well!

That did it; he hastily shut the drapes and went back to the kitchen to dump the rest of the stuff on the counter. The cupboard was open AGAIN, and the kitchen was icy cold! He left fast, came back to CA the next day, and told me all about our terrific new haunted house that I had to move into in 1 month!

Some weird things have happened since we got here. Both of us have heard the other speaking or calling; for example, Pete swears he heard me calling his name from downstairs one night when I was actually out of the house at the time, on a walk around the neighbohood! He even said I used my "tone" that I use when I want him to come do something for me. EEKKKK!! The thing knows my voice!

Another time, I was upstairs when I heard Pete downstairs cursing and sounding upset, as if he had spilled coffee on himself or something. I went downstairs to see what was up...and nothing was. Pete was sitting quietly reading a book. When I asked him what happened, he had no idea what I was talking about.

The worst thing happened one night when I was in bed asleep. Pete telecommutes from home, and he works third shift, so most nights I sleep with just my dog, Turkey, at the foot of the bed. Well, this particular night, I woke up out of a sound sleep, for no reason, really. I looked at my clock (2:30 am), then I noticed that Turkey was growling, real low in her throat; it was so low it didn't register at first. She NEVER growled like that before! Then, I heard someone moving outside my room, like they were walking from Pete's office to the bathroom (I haven't been here long, but already I know the characteristic creaks of the house). I would have gone back to sleep, thinking it was Pete, but Turkey made me nervous, so I reached across the bed, and sure enough, Pete was sleeping there! It was his night off, I remembered then, and looked so hard into the dark toward my bedroom door, I thought my eyeballs would fall out of their sockets! The walking-sounds, and Turkey's low growling, continued for a minute. When the creaking stopped, Turkey found her nerve and started her usual loud growl, I guess that's how I knew that whoever was there was gone! UGH! Creep me out!!

Other little things: Turkey adamantly refuses to go into the basement. The house's side entrance leads up into the kitchen, or down into the basement; if we bring the dog in the side door, she freezes on the landing and you have to literally push her up the stairs. The one time I tried to coax her into the basement, she nearly fell down the stairs in her effort to run up them, into the kitchen!

Oh, yeah! Something else: After the house purchase was complete, but before we moved in, Pete had a series of nightmares about the house. The all featured a creepy old lady, he said. In one, Pete was looking out the window of an upstairs bedroom of the house, looking down to the street. As he watched, the creepy lady glided along the sidewalk, as if she were on a conveyer belt. She stared directly at him the whole time and turned her head to keep Pete in view as she swept past. Pete said the lady terrified him.

Once we were in the house, our new neighbor told us that an old lady used to live here. She was removed from the house by her children, whom the old lady wouldn't allow into the house since their father died, many years before. She had gone senile, so the kids put her in a home, and entered the house for the first time in 10 years. It was all messy and cluttered, with weird angel statues and other psuedo-religious icons all over the place. Apparently, she had gone mad in the house. She has since died, and who knows, maybe SHE'S haunting the place and Pete's dreams!!

Grace, New York, USA
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