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My Daughter's Friend

October 2002

About a year ago, my friend's granddaughter passed away. It was a hard time for everyone, but especially my friend.

To help her with the situation, my husband and I asked her to visit before the funeral (which was about 150 miles away). While visiting, she played with my 2-year-old- daughter, Madi, and we talked.

That same night, or rather that morning, Madi woke at around 5 -- her normal schedule is 8. Her first priority was to wake me up, too, and ask for breakfast.

Half-awake, I got her settled with her cereal, and was starring off into space when she announces, "Mama -- she's in my room!"

My response: "Huh?"

Madi: "Mama -- she's in my bed. She wants a toy."

I stared into her room and saw nothing. I took a deep breath, and told her, "Well, honey, it's nice to share."

Madi announced, again, "Mama--She wants THAT toy." She was pointing at an abacus on a shelf. I handed her the toy, and she, in turn, walked to the bed, laid it on the floor, and backed away.

Was I creeped out? Yes.

For the next two days, Madi talked to and shared toys and books with a little girl I never saw.

I did inform my friend of the strange event with the hope that maybe it would give her some comfort -- I believe it did.

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