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My Daughter's Watcher

Anonymous, Manchester, UK
October 2017

Me and my partner moved Into a bungalow when we was expecting our first child but what we didn’t know when we bought the house was a man had died in this house. When I spoke to the neighbors about it they refused to speek about it. Our first night went well i was a little shook up after speaking to the neighbors but everything went well ..

Around 4 am I woke up with really bad pains from the baby kicking to see what I thought was my husband standing next to the bed ( as my husband used to go to work early ) so I told him to get back to bed because his shift didn’t start for almost two hours. he did he got up really close next to me it didn’t feel right though he was cold, really really cold. it wasn’t until now I realized it wasn’t my husband.

The spirit caused me no harm he just put his hands on my stomach and said, "Children are precious aren’t they and when you loose them there’s just nothing to go on for. I couldn’t be there for my child but I’ll be there for yours."

After this was said the spirit disappeared. I told my husband about what happened when he returned and he refused to leave my side until we knew the house was clear. He didn’t see it the way I did, that our daughter would be protected. He saw it as if the spirit wanted her for his own.

We didn’t see the spirit again for 2 months. When my daughter was born he wouldn’t speek to us he would just stand over her Moses basket and watch her sleep, he would do this frequently.

My daughter is now 5 years old and you will always hear her giggling when no one is there or mumbling to herself when you ask her who she is speaking to she says the friendly boy that looks after her.

Anonymous, Manchester, UK
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