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My Daughters Best Friend

Mary, Illinois, USA
September 2002

I grew up in a haunted house, so I have always been open to ghosts. (I will try to post that story at a later time.) My daughter is 17 months old, she sits in a corner of our apartment an just babbles to the wall. Now my daughter is a BIG Beatles fan, ( Don't ask me how, I don't know.) Her favorite beatle is Ringo, ( Another don't ask. :) Not sure myself.) She doesn't talk much, it's hard to understand her. The one thing I do get out of her is that of a man's name John, is all she says.

I was looking at a Beatles website one night, my daughter was out cold asleep, she woke with a start and began to scream, so I got up and checked on her. As I walked in her room I saw our cat (that doesn't show affection towards anyone.) at the foot of her bed, hissing and scratching at the wall, ( not the one she talks to.)I grabbed my daughter and Brought her back to the living room where the computer is, closing the cat in the room. When my daughter was back asleep I looked up to the spot where my daughter always sits and talks, there was a face imprint in the corner with a great wing span showing on each wall. I saw no halo,( although I wasn't looking.) so I'm not sure if they are good or bad wings. Any who, I didn't feel scared, it felt like someone protecting my daughter and looking in on her. I went to my room to grab a camera and hope the face would still be there, it was and I tried to take a picture of it. (The picture didn't turn out.) It vanished in front of me, so I sat there for about an hour sitting next to my daughter.

When I finally decided to sit up, and go back to the computer, my cat, ( That I closed in the bedroom.) was sitting in the computer chair looking at the corner. This time I saw nothing, so I shoo'd the cat away and got back to the computer, I looked at a about were celebrities are buried and stuff, I found a link to John Lennon's wake on front of The Dakota building where he was killed, (Don't remember the name of the link.) and saw a picture of him the night he was shot, swear to god, it was the same face on my wall. ( My daughter is a Ringo fan not a lennon fan.) Well anyway, this happened about a month ago, I was sitting last night playing games on the Internet, and my daughter was jabbering to the wall, she kept saying "John,John,John." Well out of curiosity I brought up a site for the Beatles and told her to come here, she walked over, pointed to John, said "John-John" and giggled.

I am not trying to say that my daughter has a famous imaginary friend, but I believe he is at least watching over her.

By-the way my cat now won't leave my daughter's side and sleeps in her bed as a pillow for my daughter.

Thanks for reading.

Mary, Illinois, USA
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