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My Dead Grandma

Pennsylvania, USA
October 1999

First, here's some history...

My maternal grandparents had a very stormy marriage, to say the least. My grandfather is a very sweet, humble man, but my grandmother was definitely not. She physically and emotionally abused my grandfather and her children (including my mother) for many many years.

In the 1980s, my grandmother came down with Alzheimer's disease. As the years progressed, she no longer recognized my grandfather, and kept asking him to take her home (when she was in her own house in which she had lived for 30 years) because she didn't recognize where she was. My grandfather had to take care of her by himself, as all his children had moved far away from home, and in 1990 he decided that it would be best for him and my grandmother to move into a smaller house outside the city.

My grandmother was pretty much incoherent when she moved into the new house, no longer being able to walk or even talk very much at all. She died in 1993.

Now for the eerie things...

First, one of my uncles (I'll call him Jack) had come to stay with my grandparents (his parents) during the last months of my grandmother's life. From what he has told me, there were a few times over the course of the months when Grandma had stopped breathing for a few moments. Jack has said that during these times, he would be in the kitchen (at the other end of the house from my grandmother's room) when he'd suddenly feel a great chill pass through him and the overwhelming urge to check on my grandmother. He would run into her room and find that her breathing had stopped, and then he would shake her and she'd start breathing again.

Jack told me that on the morning she died, he was in his garage when he felt a chill go through him longer and stronger than he had ever felt before. He jumped in his car and drove to my grandparent's house, and when he got there my grandfather told him that Grandma was dead.

My grandfather was devastated by her death, and he still hasn't gotten over it really. (He claims they had a wonderful marriage and never fought for a moment...which shows you how grief can distort your memories). He has made his house into a kind of shrine to her, with her pictures all over the walls of every room. He goes to her grave (she's buried about an hour from his house, and he's now 90 year old) twice a week and talks to her there.

Well, it would appear that he may be keeping her spirit trapped on earth, because the couple who bought my grandparents' old house says they have seen an old woman walking down the main hallway in the night. They have also heard their names being called by an old woman's voice.

I think my grandmother's spirit is caught in that house (and not my grandfather's current house) because that's the last house she remembers living in.

Another strange thing is that both myself and my mother have had dreams where Grandma appears to us and is very happy (which you would think wouldn't be the case if she was a ghost!). I had a dream recently in which she remembered my name and told me that I was a good person and that I had Spiritual Discernment.

Pennsylvania, USA
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