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My Demon

July 2006

Since before I was born my great grandmother has always said that I was being followed by a demon. Being thirteen I've never really believed her. But now that I think of the weird things that have happened to me I've got to say that I'm starting to believe it.

My mom says that about a week after I was born she saw a pair of red eyes watching me. I was ten when she told me this, so I didn't think much about it at the time and pushed it away from my thoughts. But about a year later, after we had moved out of the apartment we had been staying in at the time, my two best friends told me that they had seen the same red eyes my mom had described. I thought they were being stupid so once again I pushed the thought away.
The same year we had moved out of that apartment was the year that I was beginning to believe what my great grandmother had said about the demon.
My friend Beth and I were looking up at the old apartment thinking about all the fun we had had there when all of a sudden we saw a man who looked like a detective from the 50's! We were really freaked out! Since the first time I saw him I've been hearing things no one else can hear.
In the year 2004 I was home alone sitting in my room with my dog Goofy watching Spongebob when all of a sudden Goofy freaked and ran out of my room like the devil was after him. I felt a chill run up my spine and heard someone telling me to run. When I did the door to my room had been locked and I couldn't get out seeing as my room locked from the outside. After a while I decided to crawl out from a space in my closet that led to the living room.
Around October 2005 my friends had moved into a new house and we were just sitting around the dinner table eating soup for the fact that it was really cold. The back of my neck went cold and I heard a woman whisper "Why can't you see me?". I jumped up wildly and looked around me. I told this to my friends mom who said that she heard a voice in the house too but it wasn't a woman. She had told me that while she was washing cloths a voice full of anger told her to get out of the house. On New years day everyone was at my friends house but had left once the clock hit midnight to go to a party.
They left me alone and I didn't mind much till about two or three in the morning. I was sitting at the computer when all of a sudden I heard an evil laugh, children playing and a baby's cry all at the same time and all surrounding me. After that was over my friends cat started going crazy just the way my baby Goofy had and arched her back up. I looked at the spot she was positioned at and I felt as if my heart had stopped. There was the man from the 50's staring at me with his red eyes. He turned and walked into the hallway and I had the urge to follow him. When I did he was gone.
I told two girls from school this and they freaked out saying that I had a sixth sense. I told them that I thought that was only when you could see the dead but they said that I could hear the dead and that if I had seen my demon then I would possibly be able to see the dead if I paid more attention to they voices of the dead.

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