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My Dreams

Michelle, CA, USA
October 2002

I've had a few weird dreams that I remember, and decided to share.

My father's mother died when he was still young, well before she's ever met my brother, sister, or I. All three of us were born in the Philippines, but we came over to the U.S. when I was one, and my brother was three. My sister stayed there until she was five. Both of them subtly remember things about being there, but I have no recollection.

When I was 11, my parents planned a family vacation to the Philippines, my first time there since I was one. We rented a 2-bedroom apartment for the three weeks we were there. My parents stayed in one room, and my sister and I were in the other. My brother got to stay with my aunt and uncle at their house.

I remember having a dream where I was running away from someone (okay, specifically it was the bad kid in "Karate Kid", but that really doesn't matter here!), and I guess I was struggling in my sleep. I remember feeling comfort all of a sudden, and finally opening my eyes, still half- asleep, to a woman sitting on my bed, stroking my hair. I remember her saying, "it's all right, go back to sleep." I smiled, and fell back asleep, wondering how my mother heard me having a bad dream, and came into comfort me.

The next morning, I told my sister what happened when I woke up. She's a year younger than me, and is a deep sleeper. She said that she had no idea that I was struggling in my sleep, and did not wake up at all until the morning. I went into my parents' room, and thanked my mom for coming in and helping me get back to sleep. She said that she never came in at all, in fact, she was asleep before I was, and didn't wake up until 20 minutes before I just walked in.

I told her in detail that the lady was sitting next to me on my bed, stroking my hair, and telling me not to worry. She shrugged. My dad then had the idea that it was probably his mom, my paternal grandmother, who came to see me because my year in the Philippines before I moved to the U.S. was not long enough for her to come and see me. I was a little shocked, but not scared.

The only other two dreams that I remember have happened in the last year, and they were pretty unnerving.

The first dream I remember, I was lying in bed in the 2- bedroom apartment that I still live in, although I was in the other bedroom at the time, not the one I currently have. My boyfriend was sleeping over, and it was just a little past 11pm that I finally fell asleep.

I dreamt that a lady in a white dress -- it could have been a white wedding gown -- was walking through my apartment. She had an iridescent glow to her. It was like I was watching her walk through, and it was exactly how my apartment was set up (I mention this only because I've had dreams where everything is different, yet for some reason, I feel like it's my room or my apartment). I finally saw her walk up to my door, and open it. At that point, the vantage point of my dream switched to me lying in bed. I remember seeing the lady open the door, and coming part-way in. She started pointing at me, and mouthing words, but I couldn't hear her. I could sense my fear, and I began to struggle in my sleep. She began to lean on the back of my couch (I have a small chaise lounge at the foot of my bed), pointing her finger at me and talking with no sound. I remember knowing that I should not give in to her, so I kept struggling. I kept trying to say my boyfriend's name, because I thought that if I said his name, everything would be all right. For some reason, I couldn't get myself to mouth his name. Finally, after several minutes, I finally forced myself to yell out his name. I woke up with an instant, and stared directly at the spot where the lady was standing, and she was gone. My boyfriend, who was still up watching TV, said that I was struggling in my sleep, and was talking, but he couldn't understand me. He said, that he stared at me for a while, and thought that maybe I was playing with him, and I was really awake, but I was moving around to see what he would do. I felt so much fear that night.

The second dream I remember, I was alone in bed. I dreamt I was having a dream, if that makes sense. I dreamt that someone was on top of me in my bed, again it was set up exactly like my room was. It was a male, and he was trying to kiss me, but I was pushing him back. He kept trying to pull the covers off so he could get closer, but I didn't let him. And then... in my dream, I "woke up". I saw myself lying in my bed in the same position, but with no one on top of me. Then all of a sudden, an unseen force pulled the covers back from on top of me. I felt invisible lips kissing my neck, and something was pulling up my nightgown. I felt invisible hands feeling my breasts (sorry if this is so graphic), and a hand stroke down the side of my leg. I FELT everything. And for some odd reason, I was NOT fighting this one. In my dream, I pulled the blanket back over me, and saw that there was a space under the blanket where a body should be, on top of me. Then, I finally woke up with a start. I looked, and it was morning. There was no one with me, and everything was normal. But I remembered everything, felt everything. I remember "waking up" from my dream in my dream, and then waking up for real. It was the strangest thing.

Next time, I'll write about my family's experiences -- my mother, sister, and brother's wife have "The Gift", and have had several experiences.

Michelle, CA, USA
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