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My Entity

September 1999

My account is quite a scary one, at least for me -- and it is VERY TRUE.

Let me start off by saying that I can sense supernatural presences, and sometimes I am even able to visualize answers to questions or faces of people I have yet to meet. Most of the visualization comes to me via dreams, but lately, due to my exploration of psychic self-defense, it has come during my waking hours. Well, enough bragging. . . .

This story has two parts, the first occurred when I was nine years old, and living with my parents in New Haven, while the second occurred while a student at University of CT.

When I was younger, I used to stay up late (past 2 a.m.) to watch TV when everyone else was asleep. One night I was debating whether to make the trek downstairs to the TV, and another night of almost no sleep. I was laying on my back, and most certainly awake and aware of my surroundings, when I was suddenly struck motionless with fear. At this moment, I should interject that I am a very jumpy person (always have been), and scare very easily. Anyway, I looked up, and saw what can only be described as a large translucent grey cloud, or a large fluffy jellyfish floating above my bed. The "entity," as I will refer to it from now on, was coming closer -- very, very slowly. A feeling of absolute fear overcame me; and at that instant, I knew that I was going to die. I began to pray.

My mother used to sing my siblings and I to sleep with a prayer (The Shema, for those of the Jewish faith, or who are familiar). It was the only thing I could think of. I began to repeat it over and over. (This is not to say that only prayers would have helped me--however, it is interesting to note that religious Jews will say the Shema the instant before death.)

At this point, the entity retreated a bit, but I was still paralyzed. I knew that if I could only move up onto my side (off of my back) that everything would be alright. All of my strength gathered, I managed to roll over onto my side. I looked around, and the entity was nowhere to be found. This experience chilled me, but prepared me for the next visit.

About ten years later, while a sophomore at UCONN, I was living in a supposedly haunted dorm. It, again, was extremely late. I had just returned from Washington, DC, and was winding down in bed, while reading a MAD magazine. I felt the same horrible feeling in my stomach as I had years before. I looked up, and there it was....the entity.

Hovering above me, it seemed to suck every ounce of strength from my being. I began to pray, as I had years before. This time, the entity retreated faster than it when I was nine.

Having spoken with a few people about this, I have heard a few similar stories, with a few consistencies...always, the entities were powered by fear and always, when the "victim" summoned strength, be it through prayer, meditation, or a good memory of an instance in which the visualizer was in control, the entity retreated. I am not advocating Judaism or prayer, in general, rather simply explaining my situation.

This entity has yet to return, although I have trouble sleeping some nights, and I am almost afraid that it will return.

Thank you for reading

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