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My Experiences (1)

Heather, Alberta, Canada
June 2004

This isn't really a ghost story per say but several experiences that my brother and I have experienced in past years.

The first one is from the time I was around 1 - 2 years old (I am now 27).

My mom often tells me that I would be helping her in the kitchen and would often look up at the ceiling even though my mom could not see anyone or at an empty wall and suddenly blurt out "Oh hello, my mommy and I are baking bread, would you like to help us." She says I would carry on conversations quite often looking at an empty ceiling or wall.

A lot of times the conversations would include me mentioning something like, "no, we are going to bake it or no you can't have some." She says it would sound like I was answering the invisible person's question. My mom says this would happen quite often and it gave her goosebumps every time. I have read similar stories on here about kids laughing at something or someone that no one else can see.

I also should mention that once when I was a child, around 5 or 6 years old, I had a dream about a white building and a couple of gentleman who were older and dressed all in white. When I woke up I told my parents about this dream and they started showing me pictures of past ancestors. I pointed out a picture of my great uncle and my great grandpa, who had long since passed on before I dreamed about them.

I believe that the people I once saw at 1 and 2 years old could have been relatives coming to say hi and just checking in on my family.

My mom never got any bad feelings about these experiences just felt quite of spooky and it seemed like I was never scared of any of the people I would talk to.

The second story is one that happened to my brother.

A little background:

When I was younger my 2 sisters and I owned a cat that was named Tigger. My mom would make him stay in the basement at night so he wouldn't scratch up the furniture, but often times I would wake up in the night and would find Tigger either licking my face or I would hear him purring and find him underneath my bed.
Our basement went into the kitchen and then diagonally from the kitchen you would find my bedroom. Under my bed seemed to be his favorite place. Unfortunately it came time that we couldn't have him anymore and he went back to the lady which gave him to us to live on her farm. Eventually he got sick and I heard he died not too long after he went to live on the farm. We had him for only a few months so he wasn't very old. Now on to the ghost story.

My brother was telling me a story not too long ago when we were talking about ghost stories and he said that he remembers often seeing a black cat run from under his bed to through the kitchen and into the basement. I should mention that Tigger was the only cat we owned ever and therefore we had no cats for pets at the time.

My brother when he was about 10 years old had the room I used to have when we had Tigger. I remember quite a few times that he would get up and ask where did that black cat go and would often be shushed and went back to bed. He said that the cat would visit him quite often in the night and would either run from under his bed to the basement or vice versa.

I do believe that it could have been Tigger coming to take care of his family he loved so much and just wanted to spend his afterlife in his favorite spot.

Thank you very much for reading my stories.

Heather, Alberta, Canada
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