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My Experiences (2)

Michelle, Missouri, USA
May 1998

Hi, my name is Michelle. Somehow, the title doesn't seem to jump out at you. It seems so blah as compared to what I've had happen to me. Plus, there are so many stories, that I will only be able to tell one of them. Here is the one that gives me the chills every time I think about it.

It happened about three years ago. I was with a friend of my named Tina. I spent the weekend with her at her apartment. Darrell, her boyfriend, Tina, and I decided to play the Ouija. Tina wanted to contact a friend who died under suspicious circumstances. His name was Phil. We turned off the lights and lit three candles. We got Phil on the board first.Being the skeptic that I was back then, I asked him to give us a sign that he was with us. Well, he blew out a candle for us. The weird part is this. The candle was about ready to go out anyway. But, when I looked at it, it looked like someone was standing somewhere above it blowing on it. The flame covered the bowl of the candle holder. I checked for drafts, but there were none. And none of us were close enough to blow it out. After the candle went out, I decided to try blowing it out myself, to see if the flame would do the same thing. It did. But there was no one blowing on it. Or was there? Phil? After Phil, we got someone else, we'll call him V., on the board. At that time, my hand had a funny feeling to it, like a small amount of electricity running through it. It seemed to vibrate from my fingers to my wrist. Darrell had quit the Ouija after Phil got off, and was laying on the couch. At first V. seemed to be a nice guy. But, when I asked him who he was, I didn't like the answer. He told me he was the brother of the Devil. "Yeah, right," I thought to myself. I asked him what he wanted, and he spelled out Y-O-U. I asked him what he wanted me to do. D-I-E was spelled out. I asked him to repeat, and D-I-E appeared again. I looked up at Tina, and noticed a very odd look on her face. "Did you see that?" she asked me. I asked her, "See what?" From what I understand, when V. spelled out die the first time, a small beam of light entered the window just to the right of the couch and went out the window on the left side of the room. I hadn't seen a thing. By the way Tina lived in an apartment complex. And her apartment was situated in such a way that headlights from the cars can't shine into the apartment. So, what was it that she saw? I may never know.

There is one other detail that I would like to point out to you before I end this tale. Tina also had her cat in the apartment. When I came to the apartment, the cat was as loving as any animal could be. But, when I was getting ready to leave, the animal gave me such a cold stare, like he was made of ice. It was like the cat wasn't himself at all.

Well, thank you for reading this. It felt good to get it out.

Michelle, Missouri, USA
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