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My Experiences With Ghosts (1)

Catherine, Quebec, Canada
May 2002

Hi. Although I'm only 14, I have a few stories to share with all of you. Most of them (or else, all) are related with my room and my sister's room (she doesn't live with us anymore, but we always say it's her). As soon as I enter my room, I get a lot of feelings. Sometimes I feel like I should get out. Sometimes I feel like there are hundreds of people looking at me. My sister's room is worse. The blinds of her room are always closed, which makes it very dark. When I enter her room, I feel like something either wants me to go away or to do something evil to me. Anyway, here are my stories!

What's In The TV?

It was around 10pm when I decided to go to bed since I prefered staying in bed than watching movies. My parents were already asleep. I was in my bed and I had left the lights on since I wasn't really tired. After 10 minutes, I decided to read a magazine. I was half-way through the magazine when I felt the need to look at my TV screen (Which is parallel to the end of my bed). In my TV, I could see myself and my bed. I felt like something was wrong. I was starring at my bed (in the TV screen) when I saw something like arms coming out from under the right side (where I was) of my bed. I turned my head to the right and saw nothing. I was scared, but I continued looking in my TV screen. This is when it happened. I saw the arms coming out again (they were white) and they were choking me. I opened my eyes wider and I could see my head turn from left to right. It might not seem scary to you, but believe me, if it would happen to you, you would've ran out of my room just like I did! It happened 2 or 3 times in a row, and then, it stopped.

Knocks In My Window At 12:03AM

This is something I just can't explain. I'm still trying to figure out what it might mean. Last summer, during three nights, "something" would knock on my window three times at 12:03AM. The first night, I thought it might be a tree or something. The next night, I remembered what had happened. It happened again. I looked at the time, and it was again 12:03.

Weird Dream

I was at my chalet and it was the night before we were going back to our house. I had a weird dream that night. I was coming back home and the phone rang. I answered and somebody said "Don't go in your room!". Was it a warning or my imagination? I've always thought it was a warning, but now, I don't know.


Every night, when I was a child, I'd head footsteps. I'd hear somebody/something walking out of the bathroom, then walking in the hallway to the kitchen and it'd stop there. Sometimes I'd hear the door close, then someone/something would walk in the kitchen, to the hallway and the footsteps would stop right in front of my bedroom door.

Black Shadow In My Room

This happened a few months ago. I was in my bedroom doing my homework. Although my head was bent down, I could see a black being at the foot of my bed. As soon as I lifted my head, it was gone.

Children Hiding Under My Bed?

This experience is the most recent one and it freaking scared me! My friend had came at my house to sleep. Since my bed is for two people, we both slept in the same bed. She was already asleep, but I wasn't tired at all. I was looking at my TV remembering the experience I had had, when I was sure I saw a black "thing" and a white "thing" at the foot of my bed hide under my bed. I closed my eyes and told myself that I might be tired after all. I opened my eyes and continued looking around. I was looking at my door when I saw something that looked whitish but transparent right in front of my bed. I tried not to make a sound and tried looking at it properly because I wanted to identify it. I blinked, and it disappeared.

The Ones Who Followed Me Back Home

When I was in third grade, my friends and I were really interested by ghosts. At recess, we would all go in a corner outside and try contacting ghosts. Of course, it would never work, but one day, I guess it did and that, because of me. We went outside and I though that if we said something like "Spirits of the north, come to us! Spirits of the south, come to us! Spirits of the east, come to us! Spirits of the west, come to us!", it might work. We all sat in a circle and we said that. We waited, and then, it started raining. We all looked at the sky and we saw four black clouds. Some of us started crying. I thought it was a coincidence, but a few years later, I began thinking that maybe it worked after all, and these spirits followed me when I walked back home!

You know how people say that as you grow older you aren't as "sensitive"? Well, they're wrong. My experiences grow scarier and scarier everyday! I hope you enjoy my stories.

Catherine, Quebec, Canada
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