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My Experiences with Ghosts (2)

July 2000

Iam a 27 year old female and have had a few experiences with ghosts. I found this web site about a year ago and only now have plucked up the courage to share my stories with you. The first was when I was 12 years old. I was sharing a room with my sister and during the middle of the night she snorted in her sleep which of course woke me up. I turned over to look at her and there was a face looking at me, no neck, no body just a face. The first thing that popped into my mind was that he was a fisherman and he was wearing a peaked cap. He had a large face with curly blonde hair. He wasn't angry or happy, he was just looking at me. Needless to say, I was very scared, I closed my eyes and hoped that he would go away, which he did.

The following night, I woke up again and there was a man with his back to me wearing a black winter coat, he was quite tall and he was looking at my sister who was asleep.

Years later one day I was researching my family tree and came across a woman who lived in the late 1800's by the name of Emily who I was related to. I was thinking about her one night when I had just gone to bed. A few moments later my father knocked on the door to let me know that a friend of mine was on the phone and when I looked up to the door, while my dad was knocking from the other side a hand that was in the shape of someones hand knocking came through and it was a lady's hand with a blue satin sleeve with cream lace and I knew that it was Emily. I have no idea why...

I have seen a ginger cat and a rotweiller in my room, the rotweiller ran so fast past my bed one night I actually jumped to try and get out of its way, thats how real it was. I have also seen my father's brother's ghost. I have never met the man as he passed away years before I was born but I saw him standing near my bedroom door once but there was just an outline of him in a orange glow which is not the usual way I see spirits.

I have seen an old woman curled up on my bedroom floor who asked to be left alone and would only stay for a little while but said she wouldn't harm me. (She stayed for three days). I have seen a padre (like a priest) with a wide brimmed black hat that was looking at our washing machine.

The best of all is a male voice that I hear every so often. It comes through my left ear and tells me things, very briefly.

The first was when I was little and in bed one night. I woke in the middle of the night and heard 'look at the ceiling'. I got out of bed, turned on the light and above where I was sleeping was a red-back spider. If your not from Australia then you will not know that these spiders are venomous and can kill if you get bitten by the female and are not treated quickly.

The second time was when I took a trip to London in 1996 and was trying to find a post office where my friend had left a letter at, telling me where she was staying, near Trafalgar Square. I was in the wrong area and I had asked a few people where it might be but they didn't know. I asked myself where could the post office be and the voice went and said 'go up to the next block'. So I did that and there it was.

The last time I heard the voice was in November 1999. We have in Australia a major horse race called the Melbourne Cup which the whole of Australia stops to see, it's also the only time when everybody in the land places a bet. Anyway I was placing a few bets on this race and was about to leave when I saw the name of a horse called Rogan Josh. I thought it was a bit of an ugly name for a horse and chose not to place a bet on it. Then the voice said 'Rogan Josh' and I dismissed it and started to walk away and then I heard the voice again saying 'Rogan Josh' but in a way which was like, 'would you listen to what I'm saying'.... Anyway I placed a bet on Rogan Josh and guess who one the race! Rogan Josh.

To describe the voice is really difficult. Its not actually like hearing someone talking to you but its words in front of my left eye but relaying the words backwards. So instead of hearing say 'i love you'. It would be 'you love i' but the word 'i' would be at the start floating past my eye from left to right. Like I said very difficult to describe.

Also with seeing spirits, I see them as wafts of smoke like from a cigarette but I can tell you what colour their wearing or the colour of their hair etc. The only thing I'm glad about is the fact that I have never seen a spirits face. I don't think I could cope with that, I'd be too scared.

All the above is the truth but its up to you whether you want to believe it or not.

Thankyou for taking time in reading my stories.

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