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My Family's Experience (1)

Sam, Merseyside, UK
January 2012

I mentioned in an older story about my mum seeing strange things in our old home, and these are some of her experiences.

When I was 5, 10 years ago, we moved from our house on a main road to a house at the top of a little cul du sac/street. They were old houses, going back to around the Second World War.

Firstly one of my experiences in the house, I was sitting in my mum and dads room, this is when we first moved in and hadn't re-decorated, the carpet was mankey and pink and the wallpaper was cheap and yellow. I was playing with my action men at the time and suddenly felt something behind me. I turned and saw the bottom of some camo trousers and army boots, I looked up to see who it was and nothing was there. I remember this vividly even now.

Another one is my bed room, I insisted on having my head facing the door, although I didn't know why at the time. Every night I had my head on my pillow and was lying looking out of the door. I always heard footsteps on the stairs although nothing ever appeared at the top of them. My mum told me it was the blood flowing in my head but I knew she was wrong.

Then, I thought I was the most scared person ever but now I realise I was rather brave. Now for my mum's experiences, in the same house years later. Me and my younger brother shared the biggest room in the house and my brother only being young, insisted on my mum lying with him in bed until he fell asleep, now we know this was because of some dolls my mum owned and still has (they are from her ex-boyfriend before my dad who had died). In our room, we had bunk beds, and my mum woke up one night and saw a young boy standing near the window looking down at her. At first she though it was me and called my name, then realised I was asleep in my bunk. I don't know how she fell asleep or if the shape went away but she told me that it was wearing black pants and a white creased t-shirt and the face was contorted, like on the news when they don't want people to know who it is.

Before we lived there, my friend Jordon who had lived in the street since he was born, told me an old man and woman lived there, the woman fell down the stairs and died and the old man died months later of "heart break".

Our landlord/my mum's uncle have built us an extension and an en suite bathroom in me and my brother's bed room. One night my mums woke up and went to leave my brothers bed because he was sleeping but stopped after she saw an old lady sitting on a wheel chair and an old man with his hand on the chair, standing in the doorway of the bathroom. She looked over at my bed (we then had separate beds) and I was sleeping. She told me she stayed awake all night and the old people stood/sat there watching her and nodding.

Now this one is about my cousin, Becky. She is three years older than me and was four at the time. In our old-old house, the one before the haunted one, she lived next door to us with her mum and step-dad. She has the smallest room with a rocking chair in there (it was the 1990s so they were common). My auntie, her mum, used to walk up the stairs and heard Rebecca talking to someone, so she stopped half way up the stairs and only heard her daughter talking, no-one answering. Becky now says she was talking to an middle aged woman in a light blue nighty which covered he body like a long robe and she had a long grey French plait down her right hand side.

So far there have been no occurrences or scary things happening in my new house but there has been some in friends' houses, but that's a different story. I'll make another one when I have time!

Sam, Merseyside, UK
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