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My Family's Experiences (2)

Tegan Masters, NSW, Australia
May 2010

Let me start off by saying that I’m a firm believer in ghosts, although I had never had a personal experience until a few years ago.

In November, 2006, 8 days before my 16th birthday, our house burnt down, well, not really burnt down. It was mainly smoke and water damage, but the kitchen was black. So during 2007, my mum, brother and I moved into a 3 bedroom house about 4 blocks away while our house was being re-built. From the moment we moved all our stuff into that house, I knew there was something different. I always had feelings of being watched.

The first experience in that house was my brother’s. Now I’ve never actually asked him if he believes in ghosts or not but he swears this is true. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was sitting on the computer reading stories from this website, of all things while my mum was asleep in the lounge room and my brother (who was 11 at the time) was just wandering around, complaining that he was bored. I suddenly felt the need to go to the toilet so I went to the bathroom. When I finished, I walked out, only to be greeted by my brother, pale as anything, stating that he saw a white figure float into the lounge room. My heart jumped and I brushed past him and walked into the lounge room. There was nothing there, except my mum of course.

My experience flipped me out. I’m the sort of person who tends to wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Where my bed was positioned in my room, I could see out my door and see the kitchen bench and the laundry door. Anyway, I woke up one night like I usually do and happened to look out my door. Standing in the laundry doorway was a white figure. It was like a faded white, but I could still see it. I blinked a few times and it was still there. I started breathing heavily because I was scared. I reached over to turn my lamp on without taking my eyes off the laundry door. When I turned it on, the figure disappeared. Needless to say I was pretty shaken up. I turned my back on the door and laid back down. I didn’t turn my lamp off.

A few months after my experience, which I had forgotten about by then, my cousins came down from Sydney for Christmas. One night, my 3 year old cousin walked into my brother’s room, which was next to mine, and ran out shortly after, crying. We all gathered around her to see what was wrong. She was crying about a man on the wall. We tried to get her back in the room, but she wouldn’t step foot in there. That freaked me out a bit. She slept in the lounge room with her mum that night. But the next morning, she was fine. She had no worries walking into my brother’s room and playing in there.

Once our house was re-built we moved back in and I’m glad we did. One day while my mum’s friend was around, my mum was relaying her ghost experiences.

In the house we moved into while our house was being rebuilt, my mum was sitting at the computer. Now, where the computer chair was, you could feel the air conditioner on your back. It was a hot day, so she had the air conditioner on. While she was sitting there, she could feel something warm on her back, more specifically, on her right shoulder blade. She said it was like there was a hand pressing on her. Even though it was scaring her a bit, she just ignored it and it only went away when she got up to pick my brother up from school.

Her next two experiences were in the house we used to live in when I was 7. One day, my mum was in my room cleaning when she heard a bang come from the dining room. She ran out to find the large photo frame that was hanging on the wall, face up, and roughly two metres away from the wall it was hanging on. Normally if a photo frame falls, it lands face down right next to the wall, or it falls back to lean against the wall, right? That scared my mum. She told my nan, who believed her.

The next one she told even scared me because it happened in my room. I had a touch lamp in my room that had three brightness setting. Each time you touched it, it would get brighter until it turned off. Anyway, my mum was in my room, cleaning, when the lamp turned on by itself. It was at the first setting. Then it got brighter, and brighter, then it turned off. It did this about 5 times, at a steady pace, like someone was touching it. My mum bolted out of my room and didn’t go back in there that day.

The very first encounter she had was when she was my age. She was in a bad mood because my nan wouldn’t let my mum go to her boyfriend’s place. So she stormed into her room and threw herself onto her bed. She was facing her door when she was a black cat run out of her room and down the hallway. They didn’t own any cats. She ran out and told my nan but she just brushed it off. My mum searched the house but didn’t find anything.

On a side note, my cat, Puss, that I had for 12 years died in our house fire. She died peacefully on my bed from smoke inhalation. She was asleep. I still feel that she’s with us. Occasionally my new cat will run around chasing something, and so will our dog. I know that if she is still here, she’s looking out for me. R.I.P my baby.

Thanks for letting me share my family’s stories.

Tegan Masters, NSW, Australia
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