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My Father's Farewell

February 2009

Subsequent to moving to Myrtle Beach, my father passed away. I went back to Brighton for his funeral; I stayed with my mother during that time. On the second day, while sitting at the kitchen table with my mother and deep in thought, I heard the outer porch door open and close, the cat was on the table staring out the window onto the porch and watching whoever just came in. I told my mother that my brother just got here and she asked me how I knew. I told her I just heard the door open and close. She said she heard nothing and I said even the cat saw him. There was no one there. Later, while standing on the porch and just staring into the reflections on the outside window I saw a reflection of my father standing behind me and waving as if to say goodbye. I stared thinking my eyes were playing tricks and being so grief-stricken I waved to him. He dropped his arm to his side and with one motion turned and walked toward the kitchen. I then heard the cat hiss from the table. What happened? Was I so grief-stricken that my mind saw him or was he there to say goodbye??? I could only pray that someone can make a logical explanation of what happened.

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