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My Father's Ghost (2)

Steve Owen, CA, USA
May 2005

My father passed away back in 1978 and his ghost has been visiting my family ever since. His death was a surprise to everyone. Some people think my stepmother had something to do with his death. She destroyed his will; sold everything he owned and went back to her first husband and never spoke to us again.

His visits started with pictures of himself on a shelf turning towards us as we sat in the living room watching TV. He would turn the pictures so they would face us. We would hear noises at night like someone walking around the house, the stove burners would click on and off and we could hear pans sliding on the stove like someone was cooking. My brother woke up one night screaming someone was in his room, He saw our father walk in to his room and vanish into the wall.

Once I hurt my arm playing football and that night I felt him touch my arm and I woke up and he was standing next to my bed. He was a white glowing outline of himself, I could see his face and clothes, and he looked at me for a few seconds and walked out of my room. So I followed him and he vanished in the hall, my dog was lying on the floor and when I walked out of my room, my dog just stared at me like he just saw a ghost. If he could have talked he would have said, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!".

His visits got more and more frequent, we were afraid to go to sleep at night, I would hear him call my name in my sleep and I would wake up and have that feeling like someone is staring at me. All the lights in the house would turn on at night. Smoke alarms would go off for no reason. He would shake my brothers bed and wake him up. He would turn my sister's stereo on real loud. He would touch my mother on the shoulder and wake her up. Friends that were visiting would say they saw someone going from one bedroom to another bedroom while sitting in a chair that you could see down the hall from.

When my son was 3 or 4 years old he would wake up at night and say someone pinched my toes. He saw a picture of my dad and told his grandma that grandpa pinches my toes when I'm sleeping. My brother was driving to San Diego one night and falling asleep at the wheel and he said someone pushed his shoulder and he turned his head and saw our father sitting in the passenger seat of his car. He did the same thing to my sister while she was driving to Seattle.

Around 15 years later his visits got less and less frequent after we read in the newspaper that my stepmother shot herself to death. We think he had something to do with it! He has followed us when we have all moved and he still visits my home, my moms and sisters home and he even goes to my brothers house which is 120 miles from here.

Everyone in our family has had some kind of experience with him over the last 24 years. I broke my leg 2 years ago and as I was sleeping one night I heard some noise and when I woke up I got the feeling like someone was staring at me again. I have a 2-year-old little girl now who looks up at the ceiling and laughs and talks like if she sees someone.

My sister's daughter laughs in her sleep and says grandpa tickles her. My mother has seen a white figure going down the hall and into a bedroom a few times recently. Sometimes weird things happen in our houses at night too. Battery operated toys in my daughter's room go off by themselves, the radio comes on, etc.

My oldest son has recently heard and seen a dark figure in the house we just moved into and my daughters battery operated toys have gone off again. I don't know why he still visits all of us. Does he feel guilty about the way he treated us when he was alive or is he just watching over us? Someday I'll find out.

Steve Owen

I wrote this story before the San Gabriel Valley Paranormal Researchers came to my house in September 2002.

They found a spirit in my home that was not my father! It was an old man named Javier. He said he likes my family and has been around for along time. We stood in a circle and the SGVPR investigators called him to the circle, I stuck out my hands and felt coldness and got the chills up my arms and down my back. They sent him to the light of God to find peace.

The SGVPR investigators also found a spirit of another man at my Mother's house. It was not my Dad either, but they didn't send him to the light, That was a BIG MISTAKE.

Later that night my wife was in the garage and she heard a voice say out loud, "How could you do this to me?" She ran into our bedroom and told me what she heard. She was scared, she started looking up at the ceiling and crying. I asked her what was wrong and she would not answer me.

I slapped her face about four times and nothing. She was in a trance or something. When she came out of the trance she kept saying, "I saw him, I saw him." It was the ghost from my Mom's house and he was MAD at my wife because she took the SGVPR investigators over there and they didn't send him to the light of God! The next day I called the SGVPR and told them what happened. They said they could send him to the light without being here. They also told us to get some Holy Water and spray it around the house, so we did. So far no more problems.

I don't know what happen to my father's spirit, I think he left after my stepmother killed herself, or when Javier's or the other guy's spirit showed up. I don't know if my dad left some kind of door open for the other spirits to come through when he stopped visiting us?

This is a true story.

Steve Owen, CA, USA
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