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My Father's Trip

October 2004

My father related this to us.

During the mid 1950s my father, who lived in the United States, would, on occasions, drive to Mexico, his home country, to visit family.

On one bright moonlit night as he was driving he began to notice the isolation of the countryside around him. In fact he had not seen a car for about an hour. The country he was traveling through was desert and was relatively flat.

As he was driving along he spotted a pack of coyotes gathered about a 100 yards, on the right side of the road. He was tired so decided to park on the side of the road to stretch. He parked his car and got out. He had a pistol that he wanted to test fire it. He took it out of his glove compartment and went a few feet off the road, and began to fire at the coyote pack. He didn't hit a thing and when he ran out of bullets, he headed back towards his car.

The highway had been empty and no cars had passed for a while. As he was getting into his car, he noticed on the opposite side of the road a pack of dogs. Now this was really curious. They were surrounding a Mesquite tree and where barking looking up at the tree. My father assumed that they had treed some sort of a animal. As he looked more closely he realized that there was something in the tree, but it seemed to be a human.

He stood on the driver's side of the car and couldn't decide whether to get in or assist this person, who might need help. He said during this time, his hair, on his neck began to tingle and felt as though it was standing. A cloud passed and the moonlight was blocked and it became dark, then the night was lit again as the cloud passed. My father looked and all the dogs now were silent and looking in his direction.

The figure was still in the tree. My father was getting somewhat unnerved, because suddenly you could not hear the normal sound of cicadas and crickets, it was silent. My father called out "Hey, you, you need any help, are you okay?" There was no response. My father repeated what he had said, in Spanish, but still no response. He saw the person shift around in the tree. As he squinted his eyes? he realized that it was a woman sitting in the tree. She seemed to be wearing a long robe, as parts of it were draping around the branches.

"Hey!" He yelled! The woman turned around and my father froze. He said that she had pale skin and her eyes were dark and dead. He knew? this wasn't any human.

He jumped into his car and nervously tried to put the key in the ignition. He glanced at the tree and noticed that the dogs were now starting to come towards him, and the woman was no longer on the tree. He glanced at his gun, but it was empty and useless, and he felt he needed to get out ASAP.

He started the car. It sputtered, and my father's heart sank. The dogs which he said looked like wolves were now about twenty feet away and steadily approaching. Just when he thought the car was about to die it roared to life. He put the car in gear and started forward. He glanced in his rear view mirror and the woman was standing at the back of the car staring at him with an evil smile.

Needless to say, my father tore the heck out of there at a very high rate of speed, which was probably not a lot in those days.

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